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Wow, I cannot believe I am writing my last ISYS6621 blog post.  It seems like just 4 months ago I was writing about why I took “Social Media and Digital Business”.  As I sit here in my room typing my final sentiments, I cannot help think of the song Closing Time by, musical genius, Semisonic.  So in solidarity I ask that while you are reading my final thoughts, hopes, and technological dreams you imagine this song playing in the background.


Now that we have set the stage, I want to take a quick aside to thank Professor Kane, student presentations, and the guest speakers that I was lucky enough to listen to this semester.  It is through the thoughtful prose that was offered and the encouraged discussions that my eyes were opened to a whole new side of technology that I never knew existed.

I had originally thought that technology was kind of like advanced calculus.  High level calculus only effects people taking the course or mathematicians.  I had believed this exclusivity also applied to technology.  I was operating under the assumption that only computer scientists and analysts really use advanced technology.  It was not until I had the privilege of taking this class did I realize technology and social media touch almost everyone and every aspect in today’s modern world.

In my first blog post I talked about how the increased usage of social media interests me.  After taking this class I realized “usage” is the wrong word to describe what we do with social media nowadays.  Today platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and LinkedIn dominate our lives.   Meanwhile companies like Amazon and Tesla are transforming the way in which we shop, buy, and drive.  It is no longer considered “hip” or futuristic to use technology.  Being tech savvy is the new standard.  I found it absolutely incredible that the vast majority of every age group is now using technology in their day to day life.


In my post I also highlighted my curiosity on the relationship between social media and the general public.  I posed the question: is it the people that are shaping social media, or is it social media that is shaping us?  I have come to realize that technology is on a track of its own.  Although our paths often cross, we are just passengers on this innovation train.  The tech industry is growing and progressing so much faster than we are.

This semester I have truly seen the reach and capability of technology.  One of the most important things I learned this semester is that technology is not a one size fits all.  Depending on your age group, geographic location, or your interests you will find and use technology in different ways.  This point was even made clear in class.  In this course we were lucky enough to have a mixture of undergraduate and graduate students.  Considering the (not so many) years between me and my graduate peers, I was often shocked by the difference in what we both knew/were exposed to.

This helps support my previous point on how technology is moving faster than we are.  Technology years are kind of like dog years.


For example,  my younger sister and I are only 3 years apart in age, but as far as social media usage goes we seem to be more like 21 years apart.  I am using social media to brand and market myself in the workplace whereas my 17 year old sister is using social media for the likes and to seem ~cool~.

All in all I think that this semester has been quite an eye-opening one.  It was filled with tweets, comments, and Ted Talks. To say I enjoyed it all would most certainly be an understatement.  Although my tweets and blogs may come to an end, my interest and curiosity in the topics we discussed will not.  I will close out this last blog with my favorite (and always relevant) line from Closing Time:

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”


  1. rjacques62 · ·

    Loved your Closing Time references! I also felt that I was reasonably well informed when it came to tech and social media but now I know that things are changing so fast that it is nearly impossible to have a firm grasp on everything in tech. Like you said, “we are just passengers on this innovation train.”

  2. Hilary_Gould · ·

    I agree with @rjacques62 I love the Closing Time reference! I definitely agree with your main point about technology not being “one size fits all”. That’s definitely something I also have taken away from this class. Seeing the differences between how undergrads and grad students use technology was enough to convince me, but also just based on the wide array of presentation topics that people picked it’s clear there are many ways to have technology and social media integrated into your life. I also love that you referred to technology moving in dog years– so true!

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