I’M GOING TO MISS THE MEMES – There I said it!

Here we go. Last one.

I CANNOT believe that it’s December and my last fall semester is basically over. Usually, I feel like Dwight in this gif at the end of a semester. But, as a senior, I’m feeling a lot like this Pam right now.happy  sad

This semester coming to a close and winter break means New Years, which means we will be entering the year that I thought would never come and one that I don’t feel ready for. Becoming completely independent, working full time and being a real human means lots of change coming in 2018…. I just hope my job after school is as entertaining as The Office…Enjoy the Office themed memes.

Final thoughts on this course. Okay, mmhm. I have been thinking about this blog and it has actually taken me a lot more time than I hoped. I guess I’m in denial about this semester being over. But here’s my stab at it. I took this CSOM class to challenge myself, build my skills, and learn how to dominate social media. This class didn’t necessarily teach me all of those hard skills. We didn’t have a “lecture” on how to build a social media marketing plan or how to directly incorporate social media into a business plan. But, I gained skills from this course- not the kind that I will remember for an exam then forget the next day, but skills that will stay with me for a very long time. They will help me in my professional career, as an informed citizen and participant in today’s dynamic, digital society.  And I am very grateful that this class went above and beyond my expectations.

In my first blog, I talked all about how the balance of the benefits and disadvantages social media has on our lives. Surprising to me, I highlight the cons much more than the pros of social media. This is quite a negative outlook on social media, which I feel isn’t at all how I feel about the matter. There will always be cons to anything we do, but overall social media is pretty incredible. It is efficient, powerful, empowering, etc. etc. And although I hate seeing those photos of all of our roommates sitting by each other, yet on their phones, I think we gain a lot more from social media than it hurts us. I embarrassed myself in class the other day when I brought up Professor Kane’s image of the men on the train with their newspapers… well, OBVIOUSLY it has stuck with me and I truly think that social media is just changing how we have always been yet it empowers us to be faster, more connected, efficient, smarter, etc. (Here’s that photo, thanks for dealing with me making a fool of myself!)

Standing Room Only

I will a miss a lot of aspects of this course. To start, my favorite part of this course is how informed I am. This course gave me incentive to do so but also gave me a desire to do it for myself. It was awesome to be able to call my parents or talk to my roommates and be the first to know something for once. It is empowering to understand what was going on with the gorillas, heroes, and major companies that are dominating today. And you feel like a boss, maybe even Beyonce in business happenings.


And although I will not be tweeting anymore, I will still use Twitter and continue searching for the hashtag #IS6621 because it has had such a positive impact on my daily knowledge, that I will not be giving it up. Is it weird to follow the next students of ISYS6621? If it is, I don’t care. I’m gonna do it.

Before this class, I hated Twitter. But now, I have a new-found appreciation for Twitter. I know that I will use it for a first stop of news, especially business news, to stay current on acquisitions, industry changes, and how social media is disrupting all of these industries. I mean, come on, the amount of times Amazon was brought to our #D discussions, you have to keep up!

so fast

Now, while this class made me a more informed social media user, I don’t think that my position on the creepy vs. cool line has really changed. I am the user that freaks out for maybe a week because everyone is talking about it, then loving that new feature, design, etc. I know that there are a lot of privacy issues that people are terrified of, but it doesn’t scare me as much as it should.

I don’t have too much to hide, as long as it doesn’t hurt or expose me to dangers then I have no problem sharing my data to be honest. If technology improves our way of living, I am all about it. Keep the robots coming- BUT don’t make them citizens. That’s one of them that I actually won’t budge on.

And so, as we, the Class of 2018, head into the “real world,” social media and digitization is the route and future of any industry we dive into. I believe that this course and the discussions we had have been the most interesting and beneficial to me in my BC career. I will truly miss this course and our conversations. Laughing about some things, being weary of others, and debating back and forth. This class is definitely one of my favorites! So, thank you Professor Kane and to our class!


thank you


  1. I really relate to your post! Especially the skills you learned from this course. They are not the same material as other courses (you cram for the exam and then as soon as it’s done, you remember very little), this class material and learning experience is a skill set that is engrained in my brain. I felt I fully optimized the learning experience in this class by learning the techniques of staying current, digital maturation, etc. It’s an invaluable skill set that will 100% be applied as we enter the real world in 2018.

  2. mattwardbc · ·

    Awesome Post! Like you I found myself at odds with Twitter before this class, questioning if it really still was relevant and had value. I am now a fan of twitter and think I will continue to keep an account after IS6621 concludes. I love all the memes as well and everyone’s excellent use of them!

  3. kaitlinardiff · ·

    I love this post! I definitely relate in that I gained way more knowledge than I thought that I would. I previously relied (almost exclusively) on the Morning Brew and theSkimm to keep me informed and believed that this would suffice, and boy was I wrong. I even knew what “hot topics” such as AI were, but had never really engaged in discussions about them. This course allowed me actually build upon my learning rather than just memorizing rote facts. I agree that this definitely supersedes traditional exam-based learning and will be much more beneficial for us as we enter the working world. Let’s hope the real world is just as entertaining as The Office!

  4. Great! I’m glad you don’t feel gypped by the lack of hard procedural knowledge. I think you can learn that on your own, but how to think critically about these trends is more important (IMHO).

  5. Hilary_Gould · ·

    I’m definitely relating to you feeling like Pam right now… It really hit me the other day when I realized some of my junior friends and I have so little time before they all head out on their European adventures (which I will be following closely via Snapchat/Instagram/Facebook of course!). I also agree with your stance on Twitter, I used it a bit in high school, but never really got hooked. I then used it again for some classes in Freshman year, but haven’t since. I realized this semester how much I appreciated the 140 (now 280) bits of information. I guess this sort of relates to our reading last week on our shortened attention span… but Twitter really is the perfect place to get bite size chunks of information. I agree I’ll definitely be keeping up with #IS6621 next semester to see if Amazon, ride sharing scandals, and bitcoin dominate their #D!

  6. mgiovanniello · ·

    I’m going to miss way more than just the memes! Special shoutout for all of The Office references — I thanked the class after the first round of blog posts (https://twitter.com/matt__gio/status/907358114986577921), and I think it’s an appropriate time to recognize my fellow Office fans once again. I agree with many of the points you made, and am happy that — while I’ll miss this class and miss BC after May (yikes, real world is closer than I thought) — I’ll be able to hold onto the skills and new way of thinking that this class has taught us.

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