So Twitter Isn’t a Bird Watching Site?

I remembered my first social media account and the time that I was crazy for social media. It was the only place where I can post my stream of consciousness, and won’t feel awkward about myself. Receiving comments, replying comments, liking comments; good old days. However, one day everything stopped, I stopped social media-ing.Matrix-BulletsNeo.gif

Might of being a culture thing, as people continue to see greatness in social media, I start to see “evil.” As they say, as a generation Z, social media and technology are flooding in our blood. But me? I don’t want any part of it. Why, you may ask. Because social media has turned my attention to other people’s lives more than to my own.

Is Social Media Destroying Our Humanity?

We make assumptions about other people; we often envy those who live a seemingly better life than we do; we sympathize those who don’t. To me, human relationship just got unnecessarily close because of Social Media. The false-sense of connection; cyber-bullying; privacy invasion. People always want to go faster, be quicker; no one want to take things slow to build a relationship anymore.


My initial thoughts for the class. Umm. Not so positive.

Social Media & Digital Business; great! Now they are turning it into a business scam. To be honest, that was my first thought before step into the class.

Despite of the cynical side of me, my curiosity for the class kept me open-minded for what I about to encounter. And here it goes, Social Media & Digital Business, what a first class.

(Professor Kane, I appreciate your complete honesty about the course, but you do not have to make it sound so much harder than it actually is)

Tweet, retweet, blog, comment … For someone as inexperience as me on social media, I was immediately logging on to my UIS, looking for an alternative for the class. Thanks to all the other courses that were closed during my panic attack, I stayed.

Surprisingly, I have been enjoying the interaction on Twitter, even though I am not yet used to sharing interesting I saw on social media. But I believe this course would be a good challenge for me. As for now, I hope this blog has not been too tedious, or dull to read and I’m looking forward to posting more and more in the future.


  1. thebobbystroup · ·

    Perhaps you are giving your social media presence too much credit. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be careful about what you post or that no one cares what you say, but you shouldn’t take social media any more seriously than party conversations. Allow me to explain. Could a really bad conversation experience poorly affect your reputation? Of course. Might an opportunity arise to network and make either personal or professional connections? Also, yes. However, 90% of the ‘party conversations’ you have will simply be for the enjoyment of yourself and those with whom you speak. People may or may not remember the details of the conversations, but you will nonetheless connect in a small way. If you think social media is going to destroy your life, you’re overdoing it. Use social media; don’t let social media use you.

  2. mpduplesmba · ·

    I can understand your apprehension around social media – I’ve recently been questioning my own use, specifically Facebook. Do I really need to be bombarded with “sponsored” posts, political opinions, and updates of people from high school that I haven’t seen in 10 years? For now I’m still using Facebook but over the last couple years I have at least dwindled down the people, groups, etc. that I follow to ones that truly matter to me.
    Recall Prof. Kane mentioned in our first class that he tried changing the name of this class to Emerging Technologies & Digital Business. Yes, we’ll get our fair share of Twitter use, but I think this class will offer much more in terms of learning about new technologies and how people/companies are using them to transform and grow.

  3. It’s not so much a hard course, as it is one that really you get out of it what you put into it. I try to scare out the students who are just looking for an easy course to finish out their degree. Those students both don’t do well in the course, and don’t enjoy it. Those who come in willing to work (hopefully) find out that it’s alot less work than they were expecting, mainly because they just engage. Don’t worry, we’ll treat both the positive and negative sides of technology in the course.

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