And then I saw the light….


Well let me just tell you it’s been an amazing week. Got a client. Got asked to a be on a guest podcast. WOW. Can you imagine? I literally paid this woman for good fortune. Faith baby.

When I first stepped foot in this class I missed Prof Kane’s introduction. I sat in the back of the room and thought DO NOT TELL ME I drove here to watch an online ted talk. Of course, this was not case and now I have settled into what will certainly help with my social media routine.


As I sit alone at a WeWork community working space in Cambridge on a Sunday night at 11:40pm writing this blog, I contemplate the perils of computer dependence and my lack of social interaction lately. Thankfully, I have a conference later this month to promote my business and meet some influencers. My prediction in the future is that social routines will be seen as important as physical exercise. A true business opportunity to offer social retreats that forge new relationships.

I digress as the my attention span drifts even when writing!

My initial expectations for this class were to get me to blog more regularly and get me into a solid routine of contributing online. What I realize in my own experience is that social media is a jungle, and without processes on how and when you post habits will not form. We spoke in class about commitment and how that is how digital leaders succeed 2-3x more than their peers. Coaches and influencers all seem to have systems. Hopefully I can lock in a strategy that works for me with this routine of posting setting in. My goal will be to continue improve my writing style and copywriting skills and learn from everyone in the class.

I am about to do a test run to see if I can get 10,000 fans to my Facebook business page. Of course it will cost money but that’s advertising. Right after I figure out why my ads are not showing up on google.

In my next blog I plan to update the good,bad, and the ugly of my entrepreneurship journey. And then some how masterfully incorporate it into the weekly teachings.

Developing a systematic engagement routine is the the most effective strategy for businesses looking to build their brand. Do you agree?


  1. Molly Pighini · ·

    I completely agree with your statement regarding an engagement routine. As an entrepreneur with your own business, I am sure you are very busy, and it is difficult to maintain an active presence on various social media sites. Building a specific strategy and routine for blogging/posting will definitely make this engagement more feasible as you will have particular goals and direction. I look forward to hearing more of your unique perspective as you implement class teachings in your entrepreneurship journey.

    1. bc_eagle1 · ·

      Thanks so much Molly. It seems so easy to engage in a routine until the next shiny thing that distracts… Look forward to following you too.

  2. ^What Molly said. But for real, I think it is great that you have set goals for this semester in regards to this course. I am excited to see how you will integrate your personal entrepreneurial experiences into your posts. Especially as an Undergrad, I do not have much work experience outside of internships so reading different perspectives on the course material from MBA students with, most likely, outside world work experience will be highly appreciated!

    1. bc_eagle1 · ·

      Tara I have lots of outside world experience from military to finance in NY to YADA YADA:). The key is to stay curious and follow the path you want. As Prof Kane said, we can learn from everybody. Thanks for commenting and look forward to following you.

  3. Nice. I start with the video because I read a study that said starting with content is the single biggest predictor of course success. It sends the message that the content is the most important, not the deliverables. Can you imagine if I STARTED with the deliverables part! haha. Nobody would stay in the class.

    1. bc_eagle1 · ·

      Good to know! My last Professor said that they did a test to see if the impression or rating changed from the first class to the last class, and students usually don’t change their impression after the first class.

      And I have to disagree. You have way too many students on your waitlist for that to happen.

  4. Lucy Wilson · ·

    Brain—I really enjoyed a lot of points you made throughout the post. One of my favorites was the idea that social media routines will become as important as physical exercise in the near future. Frightening, but I can’t imagine you are too far off with that prediction! I think that this point really speaks to the importance of understanding how to utilize different platforms of social media for the benefit of one’s business. To the tune of Molly and Tara’s comments, I’m looking forward to your later posts this semester.

    1. bc_eagle1 · ·

      And I look forward to following you too Lucy. Since I am at a WeWork I try to talk to people as much as possible so they feel comfortable talking to me. NO ONE wants to sit at a computer or make videos all day with no interaction. Case in point someone just came over to me and told me that MRI was clear so she could run the Boston Marathon. As a runner I am so happy for her, because that is once in a lifetime! And she gets to share good news.

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