My experience with digital business in college so far has been extremely widespread. After transferring into Boston College from Bentley University for my sophomore year I realized how much more technologically advanced Bentley was compared to BC. Classes at Bentley were largely focused around how digital business can be utilized in the ever evolving market of business and finance. Little time was wasted attempting to learn things like Time Value of Money calculations by hand. Rather, Bentley chose to focus largely on how computer programs and applications could be utilized in the curriculum to better prepare its students for real world experiences. One example of the integration of digital business incorporated into the classroom is Bentley’s recently built state of the art trading room. Visiting the trading room was mandatory requirement for multiple classes as it was needed for projects and assignments regularly. Secondly, the concept of the crowd over the core was stressed immensely during my brief year at Bentley. Like in the video we watched during our first lecture, my professors also stressed the importance bringing lots of different people from different backgrounds together in order to solve a problem. This led to all our group projects (by requirement) be with students of different majors from our own. BC has presented itself as a widely different setting from that of Bentley in terms of their use of digital business in the classroom. So far almost half my professors have taught using a chalkboard and have rarely incorporated Canvas into their courses.


Although my excitement to rejoin a course focused on technology in the workplace was high I will say, Professor Konan almost scared me away during our first session. “I’m going to say it one more time, this class is a lot of work,” although I’ve heard many professors over the years say this, I knew Konan meant what he said. Twitter, blogging, and surveys? How am I going to keep track of everything? Sure I had a twitter in high school and have taken surveys in the past, however blogging is a completely new challenge for me. I have always been under the assumption that blogging is a task reserved for trendy fashion icons or extremely smart scientist (a little general right?). At this moment I have absolutely no idea what any of them are going to be about, yet I know the ideas presented in class are going spark my interests and steer me in the right direction. The challenge of coming up with new, creative, and original material to post on the blog each week is a task that I am excited to start.

The excitement for this course offered by Professor Konan and the TAs is probably the main reason I stayed. Throughout my two years in college I have never met a set of TAs more eager about helping out with a class. After listening to each of their comments about their previous experiences in Social Media & Digital Business, I was hooked. If they could get through an entire semester of Tweeting and blogging while maintaining such an enthusiastic persona then this class must be worth it. I hope to mirror their feelings throughout our time together and am extremely optimistic that I will.

This is why it was extremely refreshing to walk into class for the first time. Although the original shell shock of the course load had me on edge Professor Konan’s enthusiasm towards the material was captivating. A teacher that doesn’t give tests AND loves Ted Talks!? Count me in! I am tremendously excited to dive deeper into the curriculum that Professor Konan has prepared for us and am eager to be in a class where group discussions and peer learning are not only welcomed but emphasized.

What I hope to gain from this class over the course of the semester is to acquire a different perspective about how the modern workplace functions and what I can do to help advance it. The opportunity to learn about the current improvement and utilization of social media and technology in corporations is a topic I have always been interested in. All of this coupled with the chance to partake in an interactive classroom setting with people that share the same passion for technology as me is what excites me so much about the semester ahead.


Can’t wait to get to know everyone in the weeks to come!


  1. kikinitwithraf · ·

    While the initial scare of “this class is a lot of work” rattled the nerves, the feedback I’ve received from several of my MBA colleagues has been nothing short of exceptional. Much like social media and digital business causing major disruptions in the business world, we too will feel the disruptions of getting into a new rhythm of making digital business a part of our daily lives. I also feel that the unorthodox method of teaching the course will certainly add value. From an MBA’s perspective, its nice to not have to have our heads wrapped around books and cases. This experience will unequivocally change our perspectives.

  2. JohnWalshFilms · ·

    Hey Kennedy, I’m really interested in your description of BC and Bentley’s skewed uses of digital technology in the classroom. Which did you feel was better for your learning, and how do you think a BC business student is affected long-term because we aren’t exposed to teach or collaborate on a mock trading floor? Do you perhaps plan on blogging about how technology affects learning outcomes?

    1. kennedy__bc · ·

      I believe in a developing technological industry such as a the world of finance the use of up-to-date technology for students makes a huge difference. In some aspects such as hands on application of technology Bentley is doing a better job, however BC’s positive reputation coupled with renowned professors is a large advantage in the classroom. As I look more into this topic I am confident that this is going to become one of my blog posts.

  3. I do have to fight perceptions that “social media” will be an easy class. I do think the workload in here is slightly higher than the average course, it’s not onerous. Usually students feel overwhelmed about midterm, at which point I remind them to come back to me after the final. They find it challenging but reasonable. I have lots of friends that teach at Bentley.

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