QuizBiz – The HQ 2.0

The mobile trivia app HQ has broken through as one of the most popular apps in the past few months. With games reaching up to 1.7 million players everyday, it has definitely taken the app world by storm.

However, with all of the success that HQ has had in the past few months, is it in trouble?


Enter QuizBiz, a new mobile trivia game that has the same guidelines and rules as HQ. Now many have never heard of this app. Is it a knock-off? Or is it the real deal?


QuizBiz is a live streaming show app that was developed and launched by social media platform Live.me. Live.me has 20 million current users. It offers services that other live streaming services like Facebook live, Instagram live, and live.ly do not offer. For example, they allow users to save live content and share it across the platform.


Here are a few reasons why Live.me, especially Quiz Biz, are threatening HQ.


  1. Fundraising

Live.me has received a $60 million in investments, most notably from majority owner, a Chinese app developer called Cheetah mobile. This is a huge investment, considering the fact that Live.me is a one-year startup company. HQ on the other hand, is having a very difficult time with fundraising, as allegations of inappropriate behavior arose about owner Colin Kroll during his time at Twitter. Reports have come out that three major investors have decided to decline funding the startup after these allegations arose. This is a big problem for HQ because without money, they will not be able to sustain a competitive advantage in their respective field.


  1. Prizes

Everyone familiar with the app HQ, knows that the game is live twice a day at 3pm ET and 9pm ET. The prize money is usually $2,000 every time, with the occasional $5,000 or $10,000 for special events. Although this is a lot of money, it usually gets divided up many times due to the sheer number of winners HQ produces every game. This leaves the users with only a small prize. Live.me, however, invested $1 million into the QuizBiz prize pool in the month of February alone. With three shows a day, that pans out to be a lot of money for its users to win. On February 4th, they announced that each of the three shows (3:30pm, 8pm, 10pm)  will have a prize of $50,000 dollars. That is $150,000 in one day. If you do some quick calculations, for every other game during the month of February, the average QuizBiz prize is approximately $10,400. That is around $31,000 a day in prize money, as opposed to about $4,000 for HQ. This technique to make the prize pool so large during the early stages of the game is a great strategy that Live.me ahs employed because it will generate a lot of buzz and bring QuizBiz to a live, mainstream audience.

  1. Host

Anyone who has downloaded and played HQ cannot deny how good of a host Scott Rogowsky is.


However, a lot of times people get upset when he is not the host, and it is someone else who tries to be too funny and force way to many jokes that should not even be considered jokes due to how bad they are. QuizBiz has its group of rotating hosts as well, but they have relied on a number of celebrities to host their shows as well, like Wyclef Jean, and YouTube personalities Roman Atwood and RiceGum. This is very important for Live.me because on a regular show they average around 50,000 contestants, but when a celebrity is hosting the numbers jump up to around 300,000. Although this does not compare to HQ’s average audience of around 1 million, Live.me is beginning to see a large rise in the number of users.

Final Thoughts…


Do I think that HQ is in trouble? Not at the moment. HQ is still taking the world by storm, and I do not see them slowing down in the near future. However, in the long-term, I do see QuizBiz catching up to HQ and eventually taking over. I believe that this is going to be the case because once QuizBiz gets more popular, it will attract users who are interested in Trivia. It will start being compared to HQ, and I guarantee a lot fo HQ users will download the app so they can have 5 chances to win everyday instead of 2. Once QuizBiz starts accumulating a lot of followers from the HQ following, they will start having more and more celebrities host, generating an even greater buzz and excitement. This will allow more investors to put money into QuizBiz, and eventually, it will take over HQ and become the Amazon of trivia apps.
Till next time!


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  1. mpduplesmba · ·

    I didn’t realize HQ already had a copy-cat so it was interesting to learn about this alternative. I first started playing HQ 2 months ago. I played every day for about 2 weeks but fast forward to today and I have played maybe once or twice in the past month. It was a fresh concept, but I quickly realized I was never going to make any money. Maybe I just suck at trivia but most days I only made it to question 5 or 6 so I quickly lost interest.
    I think it’s too early to tell if these live-trivia apps will somehow transform to revolutionize the way we watch television or if they are just a fad. Although if I was a betting man, I would put my money on the latter. The concept is too easy to copy and currently has no revenue model so I don’t see how its sustainable long-term.

  2. markdimeglio · ·

    The copy-cat model being employed here definitely reminds me of the Left vs. Uber battle for a couple of reasons. First of all, Lyft’s business model and target market directly corresponded with Uber’s. They both competed for the same customers with the same product. The only difference that they could compete on was price, user experience, and brand. HQ vs.Quizbiz in that way strikes me as very similar.

    Another thing that I find interesting is how the CEO of HQ is being accused of misconduct just as Uber’s CEO was. Though Uber managed to survive their various scandals, HQ may not be so lucky. Only time will tell if QuizBiz becomes a legitimate rival or a copy-cat that fails to gain marketshare.

  3. phanauer1 · ·

    I found this post really interesting because I just recently learned about HQ and even though I have never played it, I think it’s a really fun and interesting concept. With that in mind, this is the first I’m hearing of Quizbiz and it sounds like they could have a pretty strong and growing competitive edge. I think HQ definitely got the first mover advantage in the live trivia app space (as far as I’m aware) but considering that they’re not making much money at it, I’d say their days are numbered, especially when keeping in mind that games like this are usually fads that die out after a few months.

  4. mikecarillo111 · ·

    I didn’t know about different HQ copycats until yesterday when I did my first one with BuzzVideo. It was definitely interesting to see the competitors platform and how it’s essentially the same thing. I liked your points on how the competitive advantage comes by donations and the guest hosts. My only problem with this blog is that I HATE Scott Rogowsky.

  5. katherinekorol · ·

    So I’d never heard of QuizBiz until I read this. I use HQ pretty much any time that it comes on and I’m not busy, only because I’ve made it pretty far before so I’m still determined to win. However, you post actually makes me want to download QuizBiz instead. There was one day that I got to question 10 on HQ, and I was really mad at myself until I saw at the end that there were 9,000 winners, each of them getting 28 cents. It was interesting to me because I have noticed that when the prize money is small, there are a lot of winners splitting very little money and when it is large, very few people win. It’s kind of odd, like if you play for the low prize money theres a higher chance that you win but it will be less money, and if you play for the high prize money there is a very rare chance you’ll win but the prize is huge. Would love to know if you found anything on that!

  6. jennypenafiel11 · ·

    I’m definitely downloading this app after finishing this comment. As someone who identifies as very competitive, I loved HQ right away. However, I definitely started to become less committed when I saw how little people were winning after having to split their money with so many people. Its less encouraging to spend your time on something when the payoff is insignificant. With Quizbiz having more money to award, the game seems attractive again. Although I do have to say, I am a huge fan of Scott Rogowsky and I’ll miss that part if I switch over. Either way, I think the investors are such an important part to this business that despite HQ’s current popularity, Quizbiz could definitely take them down just because they are off to a stronger start with their funding pool. Now they just have to make sure to not get caught in any internal controversy of their own that would scare off their current, very generous, donors.

  7. People love quizzes. There is a platform called tryinteract.com that you can capture leads on for businesses. As a gambling man, I would probably love the higher payout, but I also enjoy playing with fake money poker if the likelihood of big prize money is unattainable. I would like to know if people are making a lot of money taking these quizzes, or mostly for fun. If it’s really hard to make a lot of money and it’s spread over so many people, the total payout will not be the most enticing factor.

  8. realjakejordon · ·

    I have to say this is not the first I’ve heard of HQ copycats. It’s astonishing how many there are out there, and how many of them are at least someone successful. When I think of what keeps tech companies in the market, I almost alway think of network effects. HQ did a good job of giving people free questions for inviting friends to the app, but it doesnt seem to have anything that is going to keep people loyal to the app. It is going to be really interesting to see how this battle for “king of the trivia hill” plays out, and I wonder if people will find even better things to do with these “live tv apps” than gameshows…

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