Committing to Social Media Every day

Since my top character strength is self regulation, discipline is a the core of me hitting stride or faltering.

Interestingly, psychology has found two traits that predict success in a broad range of spheres. Intelligence and self control. Intelligence has been hard to show improved lasting change but self control can be improved anywhere.

For the past 9 days I enacted my #24daysofcharacterstrengths to start getting me in a fast habit of posting daily. It also taps my creativity because I need an engaging topic each day, and I learn a little more each time. The most important thing for me psychologically is to stick with it. When I reflect of my past experiences (army,boston marathon, ironman) and things I have done to change the trajectory in my life, they have all come with an aspect of discipline that was missing before that.

Posting on linkedin is a great audience for me to post about character strengths and leadership. I can come from a completely new angle, and engage with a different type of audience than twitter or FB. I also decided to become an open networker. Meaning I accept more invites from people so I can grow my network. Carefully screening of course. The benefits so far has allowed me to feel a sense of accomplishment, and increased clarity for my business. Although right now I am painstakingly working on the new name, which I wish wasn’t as hard as I am making it out to be.

I have also started creating a lot more video, which I much more prefer than writing. The consistency has made my clarity more clear, and less “um” in my language. I can come up with a topic quickly and do a 2-3 minute video. Although I am really working on nailing that 2:20 timer twitter gives me. I still want to shorten videos to max 5 minutes on linkedin, but might mix that up as I grow my network and see what works best.

Although I have started posting more on twitter, instagram, and youtube, I still need much more discipline on every day activity and timing of posts. The linkedin 24 days campaign has given me the structure and I am hoping that it spills into other areas of my business. With less than two months left in my MBA to get rolling, I feel the pressure cooker. My dad just met with me about taking a job at a big bank. I could turn that into a positive, but the entrepreneur in me is fighting. I have done my time to get to this point, so we will see.

Update on InfusionSoft(software for small business)

My ads are officially running. Not much to update except the “lead bank” is empty so far. Right now customers download my free guide and go through my sales funnel (and hopefully) decide to get on a call. I have different versions of the ad that are available throughout the month, depending on how they perform. Still learning the platform, but think this will be a good topic for my presentation on Wednesday.


  1. Jobabes121 · ·

    Great post. In fact, self-discipline is one of my weakest traits (I’m sure it is tough for everyone), but it seems like you have a very strong heart to make a determination and stick to it, which I admire a lot. Ironman and marathon are NOT easy things that anyone can just do for fun (and I say this because I do not enjoy running and suck at swimming), and the 24daysofcharacterschallenge seems to be a great way to make it into a habit. I heard that it takes about 21 days to make anything into a habit, whether it be reading a book, running, or waking up at 6am in the morning to start the day with prayer. I always struggle exceptionally with video interviews, and this post gave me a suggestion to perhaps make a fun video few times to get used to avoid using ums and filler words that companies do not like. As your MBA will finish in about 40 days, I hope you make the best decision for yourself in the near future :)

  2. thebobbystroup · ·

    It’s interesting to see how self discipline can be used to both limit and add social media use to one’s life. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of someone trying to make sure they are posting on social media every day, but in your context it makes sense. I think you also make a good point about knowing your audience and trying to determine the best length for your videos. I believe this issue has two parts: (1) on what platform are you posting, and (2) who are you trying to reach. As you mentioned, Twitter has a time limit, but even more than time constraints by the platform, Twitter users have an attention span limit. No one logs onto Twitter expecting to watch a 20 minute documentary, no matter how interesting/relatable the video might be. That being said, there are even some 5 second videos I’ve seen on social media that I have to quickly scroll past, because they are annoying/uninteresting to me.
    I’m sure as a creator it is a real challenge to stay within parameters yet include all the desired content.

  3. mikecarillo111 · ·

    Personally I’ve never seen someone say discipline and social media in the same sentence unless they are saying they want to stop being on social media. It is a cool concept to see that you’re using your discipline to further your business, further your career, and still interact with all people who have an interest. As @1bobbystroup mentioned, the Twitter aspect of time limits and distractions is definitely true. If your content can change people’s mind, inspire, or even just entertain then people will definitely be more likely to watch. The friends and family that I’ve asked about video length, people always tend to stick with two minutes or less and then they have the “eh why not” click. I’m curious about the future of your business and will definitely be excited to hear about the future!

  4. I do think that self-discipline is a critical factor with social media. Both the discipline to post AND not to post, as well as when to read and not. I think that’s one of the biggest factors separating those who succeed and those who dont.

  5. tylercook95 · ·

    Cool post! I think professor Kane brought up an interesting post about when not to post is a very important aspect of self-discipline as well. I feel as though sometimes the decision to no post can be harder than the decision to post! Knowing when to step back and let things occur without your comments can be really important because sometimes we act irrationally in the heat of the moment. I would be interested to see when you get into more of the habit of posting every day, you find yourself then using the chance to look at using self-discipline as a chance to hold back and not post on certain days!

    1. bc_eagle1 · ·

      I can agree! However when you do a 24days of posting everyday it’s good to get you true to your word. Building a following people need to see you consistently.

  6. graceglambrecht · ·

    as Professor Kane mentioned above, the discipline involved in making decisions is crucial for success in todays digital world. Its important to stay relevant and engaged online but its also important to keep your mouth just when need be or not post something at the spur of the moment. That discipline for jumping right in to a task, while also having some type of preparation through practice is very important. Practice, Practice, Practice applies to all fields now and gaining confidence and learning in the digital sphere is so important to grow in the industry. Have to be able to put yourself out there and be dedicated to what you are doing.

    Like your note about connecting with different audiences on twitter/fb vs. linkedin. Definitely think those reach very different viewers and thats an important part of growing your follower base.

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