10,000 Facebook fans in 72 hours and final recap

I ran this campaign last week to partner in my boost to set up an ad that gets me on the phone with client at regular intervals.

This was not an exercise in getting organic engagement. These likes were paid for in advertising and targeted a large audience.

Day 1-Target Worldwide audience and exclude expensive countries like Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. $20 initial investment.

Day 2-Double the initial investment to $40. Keep worldwide audience target.

Day 3-Double the day 2 investment to $80 and duplicate the add to target international in one ad and United States (male) in the other.

The result:
Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 11.07.48 PM

This did not give me great satisfaction knowing I was buying “likes” but more so that I had solid footing to get my fb page audience increasing. “Likes” without money and customers is fruitless. The next move is to put a lead magnet on the main cover page (a lead magnet is a valuable guide, blueprint, or system) that helps give a quick win to a pain point for your audience.

Final Recap:
One of the great sins of entrepreneurship is trying to jump all over the place. It is not easy to stay focused in one area when you are in a feeding frenzy to keep up with posting on social media. Even worse, posting content without the intent of it directing someone to action! Of course, this is not beating myself up, but more so recognizing why this game isn’t for everybody. It’s hard.

That being said, I am looking into my habits. 40% of our actions each day are from habit and somewhat unconscious. If anyone hasn’t read the “Power of Habits” I will give you a quick recap:

Example (I want work to be more rewarding)

3 steps
Cue-get to work
Practice-Say hi to 5 people before you sit down.
Reward-(get coffee) or Cross it off checklist.

This activates a natural shot of dopamine.

Good habits take away a lot of the “how much effort” should I put into this. I believe you want people to have good experiences with you wherever you go. I see habits as the holy grail for daily accomplishment.

What good habits do you have each day?


  1. profgarbusm · ·

    Interesting post – I’ve always been curious as to how effective paid media is. I had no idea that countries had different costs per view and thats definitely something I’ll be thankful for moving forward with digital media. I’m also surprised that less than $150 got you over 10,000 exposures – that to me is insane and reminds me of the power of social media marketing. I hope your lead magnet goes well – would love to hear about it!

    1. bc_eagle1 · ·

      Yeah it’s crazy. By the time anything works the class will be over! haha.

  2. NeroC1337 · ·

    I’m also really surprised and also impressed with the result of only $140 ads fees on social media. Guess you really had your target audiences right for the campaign. Would really love to hear more about what exactly you did on your campaign, did you only boost your homepage, what kind of content will you be willing to spend money in order to spread them, how did you set your audiences, etc. Thanks

    1. bc_eagle1 · ·

      My targeting was very broad actually to go for more likes. The secret or trick is putting out a post that no one can disagree with, and then asking them to like if they agree. I would definitely “boost” a post to tell someone about a live event or upcoming webinar.

  3. Tully Horne · ·

    I’ve recently turned to motivating myself to get up earlier, and if I get to campus by 8 AM I’ll get a coffee. It’s a great way to start the day especially with school and work. I also like your comment about posting something nobody disagrees with. At first glance posts like that are like “Well, duh of course I agree,” but out of natural instinct I will usually catch myself liking the posts. Something like that catches someone’s attention a little longer and may lead to them checking out your page more in-depth. I also like that you went with a broader audience first. That way you can get of sense of what works and what doesn’t and then start focusing more and more on the most respondent target audiences. Best of luck with the company!

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