Final Reflections on Social Media and Digital Business

The opening weeks of this class, I’m not going to lie I was angry and terrified. I thought commenting on blog posts every week and tweeting every week (and creating a “business professional”) twitter was going to suck. It seemed really time consuming with everything else I have going on in my life. The first class, Professor Kane said it wouldn’t be an easy A or even an easy A- which made me nervous. Furthermore, why should I care about my classmates’ opinions through the time of a full semester when I have other obligations and relationships I should keep up with. Boy, was I wrong.


Over the course of a semester I have learned more about social media, and digital business in particular, than I have…well ever. The interaction with classmates on blog posts and Twitter excited me by the time class rolled around. I found myself scrolling through Twitter reading more about different technologies and social medias instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and looking at Snapchat stories (although I’m all out on Snapchat now). On my personal Twitter, I started following different users that classmates have tweeted about and educating myself further on the ever dynamic and evolving environment of the digital generation.


The Twitter discussion in class was definitely my favorite part because it takes that digital relationship I’ve built with the class and humanizes it, and I found myself genuinely interested in classmates’ opinions. The small group work, although we didn’t learn too much about each other personally, we discussed the material given to us with true curiosity and interest because the topics will affect our daily lives sooner rather than later. I’ve always been a fan of TED talks, and this class just made them that much more interesting for me. I would say that I really enjoyed a quarter of the main readings, was interested in a quarter of the readings, gained interest due to a quarter of the readings, and hated the last quarter. However, I realize with all classes that this is just going to happen since I’m not the professor. The speakers that came to class were exceptional with their content and seemed to all be ahead of the curve with what their topic was. The presentation about Twine was my favorite simply because of the presenter’s attitude and charisma. It also helped that the application she was presenting on might come in handy in the next few years once I begin to tackle the real world.

One of my biggest fears in this class, and in life is that social media is a black hole and can consume so much time. This could cause me to lose vision of my long-term goals, lose relationships I wanted to keep and make me lazy (a little dramatic, I know but I truly felt this way). After taking this class, I can see that it’s all a matter of perspective. If you chose to limit yourself to the platforms that you can be entertained, informed, and interact with than social media can be a beneficial thing to have in your life instead of a detriment. Finally, the part that has made me the happiest with this class is taking what I’ve learned (particularly on Twitter) and bringing it into my real life with conversations between friends, family, peers, and even superiors.


So, like I said, I thought this class was going to suck, but boy was I wrong. I’ve enjoyed every week (even our two-week hiatus). Thank you to everyone who has read my content and gave me feedback and opinions. Thank you to Professor Kane for showing me this material isn’t all bad. Finally, thank you to founders of Twitter because this app is the GOAT.



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  1. katherinekorol · ·

    Great final thoughts, Mike. As someone with similar opinions on social media I can definitely identify with the way you felt at the beginning of the course. As a fellow accounting student, I can understand how annoying it felt to have a class that consumed so much time when we have a lot of other stuff to worry about. I think that understanding social media and its role in our lives makes it much easier for us to control how much time it consumes. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts this semester!

  2. JohnWalshFilms · ·

    “If you chose to limit yourself to the platforms that you can be entertained, informed, and interact with than social media can be a beneficial thing to have in your life instead of a detriment” – I think this is one of the best takeaways I’ve read thus far, and one that I agree with wholeheartedly. After taking this class, I also hope to be intentional about the platforms I use, and attempt to be both an informed and engaged consumer of social media and digital content.

  3. mpduplesmba · ·

    Nice reflections, Mike. I share similar opinions and agree with you on most of what you shared. I had never used Twitter and always held a negative stigma towards the platform and people who use it. However, this class made me realize there is so much more to it than just memes and pointless updates on peoples lives. While I don’t think I will continue tweeting myself after this class, I will definitely use Twitter as a source to help stay informed and up to date on trending topics.

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