GG (Good Game)


If you wonder what GG means, it’s just a gamer way to say goodbye

Instead of a reflection, it is more like a class review. OK here it goes. This is much hard to write a reflection blog post than writing 6 more regular posts. (Not that I will write 6 more instead, but for the sake of hyperbole) Let us face it; it is so much hard to put all the thoughts together in an orderly and constructive way so that you guys would be too painful to read mine. And then, it is a bit embarrassing to pour my heart out to talk about my reflection on this class. So this might get cringy and cliché and I’m not responsible for that.

YEAH, this ain’t your normal BC class, the plus side: there are no midterms, no finals, no papers. And the downside… there is no downside. NO MIDTERMS, NO FINALS, what more do I want? Yet greedy me. and I just want to officially apologize to you, Professor Kane @geraldckane, for thinking about dropping the class at the first place.


下载Twitting, I was never a fan of social media before (like many of us in this class at the beginning). Not on the platform very often, nor posting, creating content. Twitting was a challenge that I did not want to take. However, Twitting weekly really creates this habit in me and pushes me following news, technology, trends that are happening in the world today. Honestly, rarely do I read newspapers, even online news. Cutting off social media, I have, sort of, lived in my little own space, focusing the world around me, topics that interested me, people that are closed to me. However, the task to keep engaging people on Twitter really brought me close to many interesting topics, ideas, information floating around the world. I was able to tweet about the phenomena growing of Fortnite, hear about the news on driverless cars and many more.


Another thing, the blog post. To be honest, I have written blogs in the past on the topic of tennis. Somehow, I forgot why I stopped. As many people felt about the burden of writing blog posts, I was worried that I could not come up with diff下载erent topics to write blog posts, nor write good content on a weekly basis. But, I get the chance to dedicate all my blog posts around the topic of gaming. And whoa, blogging just so much more fun than I thought would be. After all this, I’m even considering applying for a content creating jobs on the industry of gaming. Like a wise man once said, “passion is your best teacher.” The class really provides me with an environment to do something I am really passionate about for my class work.


下载 (1)Lastly, thank you for the great weekly discussion. Unfortunately, being an introvert person, rarely do I speak up in class. But I love the discussion in this class throughout the entire semester. The Grad-Undergrad class setting is really great from my perspective that Grad students could really offer insights and different perspectives that are both interesting and inspiring to me. I really love to hear about those who have been through the life in a real working field. On the one hand, I really appreciate that grad-students often give out practical advice on how the issues should be treated, on the other hand, I could also see what I lack when approaching a new topic.

Farewell, IS6621. It’s been a great ride.


  1. mikecarillo111 · ·

    Really liked this post and related to a lot of the blog section. I was consistently worried that I would not be able to find new topics or write about things that are evolving constantly. Once I realize I could write about things that interested me personally, the task became much more simple. Thank you for your content and good luck with the gaming industry!

  2. tylercook95 · ·

    I love the title of this final blog, very funny. I think its interesting that you would happily write 6 more blog posts instead of reflecting on this one. Maybe you should start a blog after this class! Blogging definitely stressed me out but I think twitter stressed me out more! Definitely not a cringy final blog, it’s been fun to read your posts throughout the semester! I’m glad despite being an introvert you were able to enjoy the discussions in class!

  3. Lucy Wilson · ·

    Really interesting post!! I can absolutely relate to your reflections about Twitter. Although I loved checking my feed, the act of tweeting was not something that came naturally. The fact that we had to come up with “original” tweets really made sure that we were reading articles and news thoroughly and taking the time to develop our own opinions. Despite being unnatural at first, this is something for which I’m particularly thankful for in hindsight.

  4. Molly Pighini · ·

    I, too, find writing about myself and my feelings a bit tricky. In all honesty, however, you did a great job, and there was no cringing involved. I found the thought of weekly tweeting a bit onerous as well. I don’t use Twitter in my personal life and was not sure it had value in the classroom either. Despite these initial reservations, however, I quickly found myself enjoying it. Twitter was a great way to stay up to date on the latest news, whether I was scanning headlines or following links to full articles. I saw how it allowed users to follow stories from start to finish, understanding their evolution from various perspectives.

  5. Jobabes121 · ·

    Haha GG as well! It could have been a BG for me, because as you said, I was considering to drop this course as I heard his explanation on the course on the first day of class (you were sitting right next to me!). And here we are, in the last week of school, surviving through the storm of blogging and tweeting. Both you and I first found the unconventional design of class challenging, but I believe there was a lot of learning opportunity from it, mainly because it was new and pushed us to learn the material instead of memorizing it. I would have loved to hear about your blogs on tennis as well, as I know you are a pro. Maybe some other time, and please let me know if you start blogging!
    Best of luck in your next journey at a startup (if you do pursue it!)

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