Learning doesn’t stop when the lesson ends

My Initial thought post shows some concerns of this class. I’m a graduate student in the Master in Accounting program. None of my classes requires presentation, and the format is completely different. I choose this course because of the unique format and it seems to be a very fun class.

At the end of this semester, I want to share some of my takeaways and insights on social media and technology.

Blogs: One nice thing about the class is that we are able to learn from the others, this is very different from the traditional class format. Every week I read some great blog posts and gives me some great ideas and interesting perspectives. The blogs made me learn from the others and really start to think about the technology and the implications. For example, from @nescrivag ‘s post: Is There Anything that Smartphone can’t do?  It shows many businesses have been replaced by smartphones, it made me think about what current things and business will be abandoned by future technology. And from our class discussion 2 weeks ago, lawyers and accountants’ jobs might be affected. I personally hold a positive perspective on such crisis, because it also creates other job opportunities. Take lawyer as an example, with AI people will have easier and affordable access to laws and regulations, AI might even give you a percentage of winning a lawsuit but AI can’t help you to argue in court. As people have more access to law, they are more likely to sue each other. Isn’t this creates more job opportunities for lawyers? This is just my thought, and it might be wrong, but the good thing about this class is that I can make a blog post to share my ideas with other students and see what do they think.


By looking at my blog posts comments, I found that made some progress in writing blogs. In my last blog, I wrote a car rental platform that relates to the trust shift in digital age. I am happy that the last post received 10 comments! ( which I consider 10 is the maximum since we don’t get credit if we comment on a blog that has already received 10 comments. This is in the syllabus).

Presentation: I appreciate how people present their findings in different ways, some of the presentations are very fun. Just as the blog post, it’s an opportunity for us to share some interesting technology, social media, and their implications. 5-6 mins is a bit short to show a new idea, but it also makes me be very focused on the presentation. One of my important takeaway from this class is that to learn from others but also help others to learn. Presentation feedback, Twitter and blog post comments are great examples of helping people to learn. I remember that my presentation is a bit boring, but thank you for the nice feedbacks, they are very encouraging and useful for me to improve as a public speaker.

Twitter: Before I took this class, I have never used Twitter. But now I found twitter is a very useful tool! Every week I found different interesting stuff on Twitter, it helps me to know whats going on in this world. Besides, some cool articles give me inspiration on the topic of my blog post. After this class, I will definitely still use Twitter to help me continually learn things from technology, because the world of technology changes rapidly.


My favorite thing in this class has to be the reading and the related discussion. Some of the readings and the videos are just fascinating to me. Unlike the traditional course, which you are learning things that are 100% absolute truth, here the videos and the discussions just bring some unique perspectives and you can disagree with them. For example, I remember the video shows how Uber and Uber Pool is helping the traffic problems and how they will save the traffic in the future. But I think Uber might making the traffic worse. Because of Uber, many people who used to take the public transportation choose to take Uber, and there are often times the Uber driver is driving an empty car only for purpose of waiting for their next customers. Even Uber Pool is incurring extra traffic by picking and dropping off people in different destinations. If I’m right, that Ted talk might be just for marketing purpose. But I really enjoyed it because it got me thinking and having a different perspective.

Overall, this class is one of the most interesting class I have taken in BC, and I appreciate all your insights and ideas, which are valuable to me. In the future, I will continue to use Twitter to keep up with things on technology.kobe-bryant-farewell-lakers2.gif


  1. kennedy__bc · ·

    Henry I couldn’t agree with this post more. I’ve taken classes throughout college that are “discussion based” yet I feel as though I never gain any insight from my fellow classmates. Everyone seems to just be talking to get participation points. I agree with you when you spoke about how you really learned from everyone in the class whether it be blog posts, Twitter, or in class discussions. Additionally, I like how you mentioned the availability for disagreement when it came to the topics we talked and learned about. I even found myself talking to my computer while watching Ted Talks more times than I’d like to admit. That healthy discussion is critical in order to create an interactive class such as IS6621 work so well. Great work this semester.

  2. mpduplesmba · ·

    I believe the title of your blog sums up the class perfectly. If nothing else, this course has helped teach us to be continual learners. Blogs, commenting, engaging on Twitter, in-class discussions, presentations are all formed around the idea of learning, forming opinions, sharing, and participating in healthy discourse while keeping an open mind. This will be ever so important as we continually adapt to how technology changes the ways we function in business and in life.

  3. nescrivag · ·

    Henry this is a great reflection on the class and I agree with all of it. I’m glad that my blogpost got you thinking about where technology is headed! This class has definitely made me stop and think more about our use of technology and how it has changed drastically over the years. I am excited but also scared to see what will happen in the future since we have come a long way.
    I liked how you talked about being able to disagree with the material presented to us in the readings and the Ted Talks. We always had a positive and a negative perspective about a topic and then we discuss it and agree or disagree with it.
    Like you, I will also keep my Twitter so that I can stay up-to-date with the news around me.

  4. jjaeh0ng · ·

    No worries, your presentation was just fine. I have enjoyed your insights coming from international background. As another international student, I could relate a lot to your experiences and thought process. Twitter was something absolutely new for me as well. Your point on interesting videos reminds me of all those TedTalks that I enjoyed over the semester. Above all, your title is perfect. Learning never stops. Wish your continuous learnings go well in the future, and best of luck.

    1. HenryChenChen · ·

      Thank you. Good luck!

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