It’s kind of funny how this is the first blog where we were given clear directions on what to focus on, yet I have been sitting at my computer contemplating writing for the past 45 minutes. I guess at this point I’ve become so accustomed to researching and creating blog topics that a well-focused discussion of the year seems out of the ordinary. It’s hard to look back at the past semester and not be sad that it is coming to a close. I mean the end of this year puts me half way through college and one step closer to reality (which is super scary for someone like me).

From The Beginning

In my first blog I attempted to discuss the differences between my experiences with technology at Bentley University as compared to Boston College. Most of my classes so far have failed to incorporate the use of technology into the curriculum so I was apprehensive to assume that IS6621 would be any different. I felt that the push to recognize the growing digital change in business was a topic that BC struggled to incorporate from its students. I assumed this was in an attempt to create the image that we are an old and prestigious university which I was sorely mistaken about. Professor Kane, WHO I CALLED “PROFESSOR KONAN” FOR MY ENTIRE FIRST BLOG POST NOT KIDDING GO LOOK, completely changed my perception of BC and the use of social media and technology in the classroom. The topics discussed in class were not only extremely interesting but refreshing to hear. Learning that my obsession with Twitter and Instagram aren’t just healthy but fundamentally important to the workforce that I will be entering was a breath of fresh air. This class has led me to now pursue a minor in information systems because of how excited, not just Professor Kane, but the entire class was about big data and its critical uses. After discussing companies such as Facebook and Google it was insightful (and creepy-cool) to learn just how much these companies know about us and use data to create a digital image of who we are. Moreover, the value of that data has was stressed so much throughout the year that I couldn’t help but take notice.

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Actual depiction of me after the first class

When I learned that I would be taking a class consisting mostly of seniors and grad students I seriously considered dropping. I’ve always thought of myself a good writer, however I didn’t know if I was up for the scrutiny that would come with being critiqued by people other than my professors. Looking back on those irrational thoughts I can’t help but laugh at how stupid I was being. Each week I was excited to post on our blog and receive everyone’s insightful and intelligent comments. The same could be said for our in class discussions; I feared that with the experience of my classmates I would be left out out of the conversation with little knowledge of the subject matter we were discussing. Much like my blog posts I quickly came to realize that you can’t be an expert in every field and that everyone was just as intrigued as me to learn others opinions and knowledge about the topics discussed.

Towards The Middle

IS6621 has made me realize my passion for startup companies and technological advancements in the workplace. Before taking IS6621 I always knew that I had a passion for innovative companies looking to change the global landscape through technology such as apps, however after watching countless presentations and reading blog posts about new startups I became obsessed. I’ve never been so excited to check Twitter to see recent updates in the industry or read your blog posts each week to learn about exciting new startups. Additionally, this class inspired me to apply and accept an invitation to intern at a startup company in California over the summer which I couldn’t be more thrilled about. My only hope is that another student years from now in IS6621 that writes a blog about me and all the cool things I hope to do (but there is still a while for that to happen).

In The End

The only people I know that are happy about this class to be over are my close friends. Since starting the semester I have yet to stop talking about my blog, twitter, and Ted Talks. I know they are happy that I will finally be done with class because every single one of them have told me multiple times. Personally, I think they are just jealous of all the interesting topics I now know about, but hey that’s just my opinion. I found that IS6621 has opened me up to whole new world of discussion that I was once very uninformed about. With the knowledge acquired from things like reading blogs, twitter, and having in class discussions I have found myself going out of my comfort zone and engaging in new insightful dialogues with family and friends about the uses of social media and AI. The best part, I can now back up my opinions with facts and statistics in turn helping me to win debates (which I think is a lot of fun).


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Me telling my friends about IS6621

Lastly, I just wanted to thank Professor Kane, the TAs, and all my classmates. I’ve had a great semester and can confidently say that this has been my favorite class I have taken in college thus far. Hope everyone has a great summer!

Michael out.




  1. mariaknoerr · ·

    This is a great summation on your changing perspective throughout the course. Congratulations on your summer internship! I agree that writing blogs to be critiqued by our fellow classmates was intimidating at first, but reading comments on my posts quickly became one of my favorite elements of this class. It is wonderful to see that this course has inspired you to pursue a minor in information systems. I have no doubt that one day Professor Kane will be able to introduce a topic that highlights the work of one of his former students. Maybe that will be you!

  2. Jobabes121 · ·

    Even though I already read 10+ blogs on reflections, I had to stop by and read your blog because the title was so GOOD. And the blog itself was amazing as well. Your blogs have been some of the best ones I’ve read throughout the semester, and you contributed a lot. It was cool to hear how much tech emphasis Bentley has in its courses, but I hope BC also integrates tech heavily into its curriculum in addition to its core finance and accounting coursework in the Carroll School. Unlike many reflections that divided the takeaways into each week’s topics or lessons (like mine), yours was unique in that you divided it into 3 different phases in timeframe. Same here, I have developed a significant interest in startups making a change to use tech for problem-solving purposes instead of solely seeking monetary gains. We’ll see where we end up in the future, but I’m sure your incoming summer experience will help you prepare yourself for the next 3-5 years of workplace landscape change. Have a wonderful rest of your 2 years at BC, and make the most out of it!

  3. Tully Horne · ·

    I got a few good laughs out of this one. It was a pleasure working with you in the small groups and reading a few of your blogs. I applaud you for taking a chance and going to that startup; I think it is going to be an unforgettable experience that will be even richer because of the class. I live with @keenanneff and I think some of our roommates would agree they are also sick of hearing us talk about the class, but we actually convinced 2 of our roommates to take it going forward. I think the most important thing we can do going forward is continue to use Twitter and other platforms to continually enhance our knowledge of the ever-changing technological world around us. It won’t stop changing, but if we build on our knowledge from this class and stay on top of the trends we will be ready to adapt and overcome. Best of luck going forward, and I hope we run into each other down the road.

  4. JohnWalshFilms · ·

    I vividly remember reading your opening post to the class and your experience at Bentley (and I won’t lie, noticing “Prof Konan” too:) !), and I really appreciated this reflection on the entire semester. It’s awesome that this class rekindled your love for innovative startups and companies, and I hope you write a guest blogpost one day while working for some cool startup of the future! It’s awesome to see how much these blogs and topics have trickled into your friends’ and roommates’ lives, and I can only imagine that’s going to serve you and all of us well going forward! Thanks for also ending your final blog with Michael Scott!!

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