Reality Vs. Perception

Looking back to my fist post regarding ISYS6621, entitled Perception vs. Reality, I had some pretty big concerns about the class going in. They can be summed up by the following:

1. Fear Over the Workload

My first concern was that the class could have a huge workload associated with it. I have at various  points in my college career been an individual who does not consistently put work into once subject for a long period. I was very much a person who will work very hard in spurts and then works sparingly for some time.

What I didn’t consider is whether  I would enjoy the work. I think often times in class we get so used to considering the viewpoints of scholars and academics but we don’t get the time and space to learn from our peers. This is something that I found tremendously interesting and fun. Whether it was in class, on Twitter, or on this very platform I constantly found myself soaking up wisdoms from my classmates that I wouldn’t have been able to hear in other classes.

Live look at me learning from my classmates:

2. My Views on Social Media Would Change

Like @realjakejordon, I came into the class with pretty negative views on social media. I hated using Facebook and applications like Twitter. Additionally I wasn’t interesting in seeing peoples curated online images. Frankly, I thought that social media was something that had potential to be cool but was always used in a way that made the whole experience nauseating.

I still hold those feelings but I definitely have a much more expanded view of social media nowadays. Now I see social media as something that can be used for bad, however it is necessary and often times can be used for the good.

Whether it is to promote an event like the Boston Marathon, an ad campaign, or to develop one’s personal brand, social media is an important tool that is indispensable in today’s digital environment.

3. The Class Could Be a True Capstone Course

When I wrote my first blog post, I mentioned that this class had potentials to be a great capstone course that finally tied important lessons from other classes together. I wasn’t disappointed.

I’m happy to say that this class was definitely a great capstone course. Often times I found myself taking high level CSOM classes that don’t actually tie important concepts together. One concept that I found particularly important was the idea of digital maturity. In this business environment, no company or individual can ever be satisfied with their tech maturity. We will all have to keep pushing forward to improve our own tech capabilities and that of our company.

Thanks @geraldckane for creating such an awesome course!



  1. murphycobc · ·

    I definitely had similar changes in perception! I was definitely worried about the work – keeping up with tweeting intentionally was a big change for me. But I truly enjoyed hearing from everyone through our discussions and gaining new viewpoints on the fast changing world of tech. I really enjoyed having you in our small group discussions – your perspectives were always thought-provoking!

  2. profgarbusm · ·

    I totally agree that this class could have been a capstone, I certainly gained much more from it then my capstone. The relevancy of this class in day to day reality really is something that makes it stand out in academia.
    I appreciate you sharing your views on social media, and can conclude that while I was on the other side of the spectrum (Social media=good) I’ve certainly expanded my ideas and visions of technology that bring me to a more neutral and insightful standpoint.
    Great post!

  3. Learning from my peers was one of my favorite parts of this course! I mentioned in my own reflective blog post how amazing it is that we all brought such different perspectives whether it be from an educational or personal standpoint. I agree that this made the topics we covered even more interesting!
    I hadn’t previously considered this class to be a Capstone. After looking up BC’s definition of a Capstone class, though, I found that it is a program for upperclassmen “to review their educations and to preview their upcoming long-term commitments in life.” That being said, I most definitely agree that #IS6621 fits this criteria!

  4. Jobabes121 · ·

    Wonderful post, Mark! Instead of solely getting perspectives from Harvard or Stanford professors, we were finally able to hear largely from our peers. I enjoyed this as well, and amid your recent startup work, taking this course that integrates various tech topics and hearing students’ perspectives seem to contribute a lot to your company and future career path. It’s great to hear a group of millennials’ perspectives on different tech topics, as your primary customer will be in our class’s age group. It was a pleasure to have gotten known you via this course, and vaguely knowing how much effort startups require from my entrepreneurial finance course, I fully support your passion for it. Best of luck brother!

  5. JohnWalshFilms · ·

    Ditto to your capstone suggestion, and I especially think there should be some form of a digital marketing concentration or a more dynamic digital offering of courses in CSOM, of which this could be the capstone. From someone who values a “marketing agency” environment, I think there are so many social, digital, coding, web design, analytics etc courses that could be more synthesized and so valuable to students as they start their careers. Thanks for a great semester and best of luck going forward!

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