Commence Download 1% of 100: Expectations for Digital Business

My Initial Expectations for Emerging Technologies and Digital Business.

Walking into an MBA class with a course titled digital business is something that screams millennial, I know, but what can I am one. The first day of class was filled with uncertainty of what exactly to expect, by a quick look at the syllabus one might think that introverts need not apply. We started off with a video from the Aspen Institute discussing three of the major topics within digital business today (machine, platform, and crowd). This was just a preamble and the start of what is most certainly is going to be a discussion driven class. The class quickly open up, talking about the key things they noticed throughout the video, happy to report there wasn’t a cold class on the first day.

This was just the beginning of a realization of what I had exactly signed up. Listening to the professor describe the semester ahead I was intrigued, and this immediately helped me understand the connections this material has to my current role. As a project manager as part of a digital HR transformation at my company this course will help understand the key decisions and initiatives my company made in order to further enable our business through technology. Throughout this semester I expect to learn things that will help me question and be wary of key mistakes that firms make in their efforts to digitize. Although I don’t expect to be an expert by no means by the end, I would hope that I have the insight and tools to understand what all the hype is about this new digital age.

This class will push me beyond my normal MBA course work, instead of memorizing that expense ratio and learning how be “effective and efficient manager” I expect to learn how our current world around us is changing industries in the new technological era. I will be pushed beyond my normal boundaries, first off this blog post is one, normally most professors ask me what I learned at the end of a course and not what I want to learn at the beginning. I would never think that my course work would be open to the public for all to read, but here we are. Normally I would make sure that my laptop is charged before my classes, and you would hardly catch me checking my phone during class, but for this course if you aren’t checking the twitter feed you’ll fall behind.

Leaving this class on Wednesday night I walked away both excited and wondering what I just signed up for, but at the end of the day I think it’s always better to feel a little uncomfortable, it keeps things interesting. As an HR professional I have seen the way social media and digitalization has made my profession both interesting, creative, and has caused many new policy changes even outside of my own company. What I hope this course will do will open my eyes to the new ways in which social media and emerging technology can positively impact businesses and industries. We live in a tech obsessed world just waiting for the next big innovation to hit the market or make life easier. I can speak from experience writing this entire blog post from the comfort of my smart phone on once canceled flight from Dallas to Boston. In a matter of hours and 1 device I am able to receive updates on my flight, rearranged my travel, move my work meetings, update my out of office message, and complete some MBA homework.

Technology has come a long way and I can’t wait to hear, see, explore, and experience what is to come this semester.

Consider this blog post just the beginning of the loading bar with a download percentage currently at 1%.


  1. I love the idea of the loading bar and think that would be a cool thing to continue in your future blogs, if you can figure out a way to gauge it some way. I’ve never taken a class with MBA students before so I’m looking forward to new perspectives and opinions that I think will help us undergrads learn a ton more!

  2. Nice! I think you’ll find this very helpful for your HR role. In fact, I have a working hypotheses that the best digital transformations in companies are driven – at least in part – by the HR function.

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