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I finally have the opportunity to take classes just for the sake of personal interest and learning, and not to fulfill university core requirements, and as a Senior I have searched for the most interesting classes BC offers to fill my final semester schedule with. When I stumbled across “Social Media & Digital Business” I was immediately intrigued by the unique content and assignments. The vast majority of classes at BC have traditional structures around reading assignments and exams, which made the Social Media aspect of this class very interesting. The first day of class cemented my initial assumptions that this class would be unlike any I have taken so far. The thought of embracing social media and using Twitter and blog posts to both learn and contribute to the class is an innovative idea. Although the class is exciting, there are a lot of moving parts which left me slightly intimidated and unsure how exactly to cope with the workload. In addition, because most classes at BC have similar structures, there is almost a “recipe” for success. Using similar strategies in different classes often allows students to be successful and attain high grades. Since this class does not follow a traditional syllabus, we will need to develop a new strategy in order to complete the work at high quality. This aspect of the course leaves me more intimidated than I am for the other classes I am enrolled in.

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Not only is the format of this class interesting, but the content is extremely relevant in this day and age. Businesses are increasingly utilizing social media platforms for PR and marketing purposes, and any company not using these platforms effectively is at a disadvantage in the competitive environment. Beyond this there are many emerging technologies that will reshape the way business is done in the future. Things such as blockchain and AI promise to have immense impacts on business and improve efficiency and cost effectiveness. Social Media and Digital business will educate us on these cutting edge technologies and allow us to think how to incorporate them into the businesses of the future.

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As was stated in our first session, this class appears to be one of the only truly 21st century classes and will allow us to learn through using some of the very technologies that we will discuss in class. In addition, the fact that we begin every class with content that the students find online and share will provide an excellent base for the conversation we will have throughout the session. This aspect also gives us the opportunity to structure the class around topics which interest us and gives us an opportunity to learn more about them from each other as well as Professor Kane. Leveraging the knowledge of everyone in the class is another aspect that sets this class aside from many others at BC and should allow us to work through emerging strategies with technology together.

Even our first class was filled with interesting topics and genuine discussion from members of the class. Being able to mix graduate and undergraduate students in the same class offers unique perspectives and an interesting dynamic. Looking at the delay between technology improvements/emergence and effectively implementing shows how much room there is for improvement in most organizations today. When thinking about my own professional experiences there have been situations where the firms have been slow to switch technologies. Examples range from switching to different data manipulation software, or in office communication platforms. There is often a steep learning curve associated with these changes which can deter companies. Although these examples are not as stark as other issues we explored in class, they do represent challenges in the business environment today. I hope this class helps me understand how to implement new technologies to change the way businesses operate and drastically improve productivity.

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Improving the speed of transitions can offer a major competitive advantage and offer immense value to organizations. I believe what I learn in this class will provide me with a useful skillset to bring to my work as a management consultant post-graduation – I will be joining a firm focusing in the Technology, Media, and Telecom industries. I believe this class will directly translate to the work I will be doing after graduation. Improving my knowledge of emerging technology will better prepare me to begin working with management teams in organizations operating in this space.

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Overall, I am very excited to begin Social Media & Digital Business and deepen my knowledge in these fields. This class will offer an exciting change of pace from the other classes I am taking in my final semester at Boston College!

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  1. I definitely agree that this seems like one of the best classes to end BC with! A great deal of my motivation for signing up and staying is the promise of a “truly 21st century” course – like you said, it’s a refreshing structural change, especially for someone who has spent a lot of the past few semesters in fairly mechanical finance classes and research-heavy history classes. With the open forum discussion and technology-implemetation-strategy connections that will hopefully come up throughout the semester, Social Media & Digital Business also seems like one of the few classes that can help to actually bridge the gap between the academic and working worlds.

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