#IS6621 Expectations

“You never end up applying 90% of the things you learn in your job.” I heard this over and over again while I was an undergraduate student whether it came from peers or folks who had gone to college. They were right for the most part. Maybe 90% is high, but it’s not too far off. Why would a financial analyst use anything they learned in biology anyways?

As a second semester part-time grad student, I see the inverse happening. There are no class requirements outside of the business school. The wide array of business courses offered at Boston College is impressive. While some courses I take at Boston College may not be beneficial in my current job, I am confident that they will be in future opportunities.

I registered for this course because I expect that it will be beneficial to my career. Whether we like it or not, our lives are engulfed with technology and that’s not stopping anytime soon. It’s in our pockets, on our wrists, on the bus to work, and all over our homes and offices. (By the way…next time you are on a bus take a peek around. Is anyone under the age of thirty not on their phone?)

The benefits of technology, when properly utilized, is immeasurable. The same goes with social media, but unfortunately we see how it can bring out the absolute worst in people. Companies are ever dependent on technology to create the best customer experience and find ways to cut expenses as start-ups with low overhead costs continue to force pressure on large companies. Through robotic automation, AI, and complete digitization, my company has enacted the mindset of thinking and acting like a start-up in order to stay ahead of industry trends. I’m excited to bring some of these examples of this to the class and spur some discussion.

I’m not sure what to expect in regards to the mix between undergraduate and graduate students. The graduate students will be able to relate topics in the course to specific examples they may have encountered at work. This will promote such great discussion from different industries and backgrounds which excites me. Looking around during the first class it didn’t appear that there was too much of an age gap, so I do not see there being an issue with graduate students being unaware of some technologies. I’m curious to see which topics my classmates decide on for the individual presentations, as the possibilities are endless. Highly stressed in the syllabus is the heavy workload but I am not too concerned with that; as long as I find a few topics that interest me the blogs and individual presentation won’t feel like actual work.  

One thing I am going to enjoy about this course is its nontraditional structure, which will challenge everyone to think outside the box. I’ve always been someone that strives for structure in my day to day life, and if there was not a set plan or itinerary I would get anxious. Over the last six months however I have begun to alter this mindset and have gained such an appreciation for going with the flow and just letting things happen. When I first saw ‘Snack Schedule’ on canvas I thought it was a joke. But after allowing that to sink in for a few days I think it is a great idea, especially for some of us that come straight from work and may not have the time to eat dinner before class. I feel the class will go by quick with the way it is broken down into multiple segments. My previous courses were minimally interactive, which made it extremely difficult after a full day of work to stay engaged in the lectures. I’m looking forward to seeing this class evolve, network with fellow Eagles, and challenge myself in this nontraditional learning environment.

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  1. Dan –

    I’m definitely looking forward to hearing the “boots-on-the-ground” insights from the graduate students in the class – in my experience, the opportunity to hear from peers with perspectives on a variety of companies and industries has been hard to come by in many of my undergraduate courses.

    It sounds like your company has a very successful digital transformation strategy – I’d love to hear more about it, especially the implementation process. Are you working at tech/software-related company or at a more “traditional” company (if any company can really be called that now)? I worked on a tech investment team this summer – we spent a lot of time looking into B2B tech and data solutions providers, but so many of them ended up struggling with slow adoption. It’s great to hear that there are ways to get around that kind of resistance!

  2. The snack time actually has two purposes: 1) to help those coming from work a bit, like you said and 2) to get people off their phones during the break and interact with each other. I’m convinced that snack time is the first social media…

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