Welcome to my Ted Talk: IS66—2nd times a charm

Funny story about #IS662. I’ve taken this class before. I mean I quite literally registered, sat through the entire first two-and-a-half-hour lecture, made a twitter, and even ate the TAs’ first day of class snacks. The following afternoon I dropped the class. But let’s rewind for a second. I’d like to offer my first impressions circa the fall 2018 version of this class. We did light introductions and then jumped right in. We all made or accessed our twitters, and per Professor Sutton’s request we all had to tweet one of our personal favorite gifs. Mine is as follows (hopefully this WordPress posts correctly, if not see the Shiba Inu typing on a laptop).

We went through the syllabus. I was confused, thought I figured it out, confused again, then accepted that I could probably figure it out. Professor Sutton’s class used Tumblr instead of WordPress, which made me laugh because it reminds me of angsty preteens. I set up an account, which has never been used. Finally, I partook in the chips and salsa, gracefully brought by the TAs. All in all, it was a fine way to spend my Monday evening, Professor Sutton seemed cool and the course seemed interesting.

 Fast forward back to Tuesday (Fall 2018, not this past Tuesday). I met with my advisor who informed me, credits wise, I only needed to take four courses each semester to graduate. I promptly dropped this course for two reasons. One, it was an elective, which I heard was still being offered in the spring. My other required classes, such as, Data Analytics in Practice, seemed much more like “get them over with and never think about them again” courses (I was correct in this thinking). Two, it was my latest class.

So without further ado, welcome to my *second* impressions of Emerging Technologies and Digital Business.

First, the class is still late at night. I will overcome this, and drink more caffeine. Second, in case anyone is wondering I was still confused about the required week-to-week postings, even though it was my second time hearing these instructions. I will still be taking the three weeks to be confused, and I am not (a little) ashamed.  

Overall though, I am excited to be in this course, for the second time. As Professor Kane explained, it’s unconventional and for good reasons. As a second semester senior, that sentiment is both exciting and terrifying. I’m trying to coast my way out of school while enjoying my friends, but at the same time I’m trying to soak up all the last little bits of knowledge I can from BC. I’m taking a capstone course that’s suppose to help me figure out the mess that is life. I also finally got around to taking a painting course. So an unconventional class about social media, technology, digital business, and so much more about how our world is changing seems to fit right in with my second semester schedule.

Also this topic seems to keep popping up into my conversations, this idea of the ever growing connectedness among individuals. The access to information, news, and other people that technology provides us is baffling, but it’s a double edge sword. Technology is the future and with it comes so many positives. I’m willing to change and adapt for the promise of these positives. However, the internet isn’t all Buzzfeed quizzes and cat memes. The internet is a scary place and a powerful tool, so let’s talk about it.  

Along similar lines to Buzzfeed quizzes and cat memes, my friends joke about my media usage, and the fact that I “crave content.” They’re not wrong. I watch certain youtubers religiously, pride myself on my meme and viral video knowledge, and I’m an intermediate to advanced follower of pop culture. And while I love this addiction of mine, I wouldn’t mind finding a way to weave some more hard hitting knowledge about technology, business, and the world into my digital binging. So here’s so a great semester!

*me consuming media content*


  1. The more I learn, the more I realize how scary the Internet truly is! I hope we can talk about the extent to which this idea of a growing interconnectedness among individuals is both good and bad. How can we reap these benefits and take advantage of this increased access to new information? What preventative measures should we take to protect ourselves from potential threats on the Internet?

  2. dancreedon4 · ·

    I find it hilarious that you dropped the class, only to take it the next semester. Everyone can appreciate that honesty. Definitely agree it will take a few more weeks to get the hang of things before the ball starts rolling. It should be interesting to combine your ‘craving for content’ with the business and technology piece behind these platforms. Make the most of your last semester as an undergraduate!

  3. cynmzfigueroa · ·

    This was great, I let out a good chuckle at the use of that Britney gif and don’t blame you for dropping a class to have a four course semester, one of the blissful opportunities of senior year of college.

    Looking forward to reading your blog this semester, especially because I’m not a huge follower of youtubers and the fact that this is a viable way to make a living for a cohort of people is still fascinating to me. The unconventional aspect of the class I agree is appealing. I’m in the MBA program part-time so honestly apart from group projects, you get little interaction with classmates and I think this course format is a great way to foster this in a unique way. (I’m also glad we get to use real tools in practice instead of Canvas’s discussion module to be honest.)

    Re: your capstone class, I’m seven years out of college and still trying to make sense of the mess of life. So if you get any any insight there, please share.

  4. First off, welcome back! I am glad you are giving this class a second chance, and you’re right I think it will be an eye opening class that will help us examine and talk about the powerful tool that internet is. As a second semester senior I am jealous that you are getting this experience during your undergrad experience, as an MBA student I am just starting to realize the classes that I wish I just soaked up a little more knowledge from during my time as an undergrad.

    I am only 3 years out of college and I can tell you life just gets messier, so embrace the mess and roll with it! Life always finds a way to reward those who are willing to put in hard work.

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