What should I expect??

I went to BC for my undergrad and have probably walked into Stokes twice before I graduated in 2014. Despite getting lost in Stokes for 10 minutes, I’m glad I stuck around for the next two hours. My first thoughts as I was walking to class was, “Where am I” and “Is this really the right class for me?”

Fun fact – I actually took a class with Professor Kane my freshmen year for a class called Computers in Management and I’m glad to be taking his class again almost 9 years later. Professor Kane’s energy is high and giving the class the floor to interact is much better than lectures from PowerPoint. There have been a lot of changes in technology since then and I can’t wait to learn from the class on the different ways that technology has had an impact on their work and educational experiences. I have to admit that I think naming the class Emerging Technologies and Digital Business rather than Social Media and Digital Business encompasses all existing social media and newer technologies for people to communicate in the modern world. I was a little nervous at first because I thought I was one of a few graduate students, but I’m glad there is a great mix between undergraduate and graduate students! Now I don’t think I’m old at all, but I do find that I’m not as in tune with the latest and greatest technology (feels weird to say that) and I think the mixed class dynamic will definitely provide a wide array of experiences.

I’m really excited to have a class that is more interactive and engaging than just listening to lectures and reciting the information through the form of tests. I think generally, people learn better by doing rather than just trying to absorb everything like a sponge. Having small group discussions allows all of us to share and have a more in depth conversation before sharing with the entire class. OH and the snack idea is GENIUS. I have no idea what I want to bring in and to be honest when Professor Kane described the snack schedule, I couldn’t help but think how funny it’d be if I got Chick-fil-A to cater. I mean, do you think they would? Either way, food gives power to the brain and we all need some energy for a 2.5 hour class. I’m definitely glad that we won’t be having any exams, considering coming straight from work to take a test isn’t the best feeling in the world. Having worked for 5 years now, the same thing applies in the workplace, without putting things into practice, everything remains static.

So what is emerging technology? I think this class will definitely help us learn more about the growing definition. Our world currently revolves around the Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn’s but I think it paves way for newer technologies to emerge and help the world communicate and grow businesses. I’d like to think that working in the technology industry exposes me to a variety of businesses that leverage social media to promote themselves and increase their reach. In my role as a customer success manager at HubSpot, I help customers strategize on how to best leverage our platform to help with inbound marketing. Two of the biggest suggestions I have on that front are: blogging and posting regularly on social media. I have never consistently blogged or used Twitter (besides creating one for Professor Kane’s other class) but I am excited to have the opportunity to pick topics that I find interesting and write about them. I think this will help me practice what I preach at work, and also discover more of what Twitter has to offer than just the occasional posts that I’ve seen from NBA players.

I think Twitter and WordPress are great platforms that will allow all of us to stay connected when we’re not in class and busy with school and work. I know there will be a lot of work involved throughout this semester, but I am excited and ready to take on this challenge together!



  1. dancreedon4 · ·

    Great first post. I too thought there were only a few of us graduate students. That’s pretty amazing you are taking a course nine years later with Professor Kane; it would be cool if you did a blog in some of the big differences between technology then and now. You could relate the improvements with Technology Substitution and Performance S-Curves. Looking forward to this nontraditional course with you.

  2. Awesome! This class is really the evolution of those early computers in management classes. I’ve broken away from PPT, since it’s not a core course, but alot of the themes remain similar…albeit evolved considerably since then. Glad to have you back!

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