The Homestretch

First things first, I want everyone to know that this post took me far longer to write than it probably should have… Was it because I couldn’t believe that after trying to get into this class for two and a half years I was finally in for my last semester? Maybe. Did it have to do with the fact that my brain might still be on vacation mode from classwork? Probably. Or was it the fact that I’m still trying to process what exactly this class is going to be like and how I’m going to keep track of all of the moving pieces? Most definitely.

With all that being said, I like to think of myself as a fairly tech-savvy person. I try my best to stay up to date on current trends when it comes to technology and use social media on a daily basis. I’ve had a Facebook for longer than I care to remember, open Instagram just about every time that I’m “bored,” and use Snapchat as a means of sharing everything my dog does. ALL THE TIME.

Just look at that face.

Twitter, on the other hand, is something that I never got all that into. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the short form of tweets, following along with others daily banter and snippets of happenings across a wide range of topics, but I was never much of a tweeter. Seeing that I needed to create a new Twitter account for this class made me go back and take a look at the tweets on my personal and just as I had expected, I found nothing too exciting. It’s been almost four years since my most recent tweet back on May 20, 2015, so I guess you could say that this part of the class is something that will take some getting used to.

Now that everyone has a grasp on my current social media behaviors let’s get back to why I spent the past two and a half years trying to get into this class. Back when I was just starting out in the Part-Time MBA program, Social Media and Digital Business was always a class I heard my peers talking about. Many of them talked about how hard it was to get into and how disappointed they were that they never got to take it, while the ones that did take it raved about how great of a class it was. They would talk about how topics were relevant and things that you would actually encounter in your day to day life. But most importantly, they talked about how classes went by quickly. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy learning, but sitting in a two-and-a-half-hour class after an eight-hour workday can seem daunting. Listening to someone lecture at you for an extended period of time is my least favorite way of learning, while a more involved and dynamic classroom is something that is more up my alley.

Another reason that I am looking forward to taking this class is to see how it ties back to a lot of the other courses I have taken thus far in the part-time MBA program. Almost every class has touched on how technology is changing the landscape of how individuals, groups, and companies work. Whether it be connecting with coworkers via Slack, installing an RFID system in a store to better track inventory, or using AR and VR in the medical field, there’s no escaping technology and the way it is continuing to shape how just about everything is done.

Now I feel like I’m rambling and am starting to see what Professor Kane meant about being lost for the first few weeks… Blogging is new to me and something that I’m going to have to find a rhythm with and when it comes to tweeting, I’m going to have to get the rust off. That being said, I’m excited to see what this class has in store over the course of the next few months and exactly how “different” it really will be.

I also I imagine that these blog posts will get better as we move through the course, but for now….


  1. I can definitely resonate with adjusting to the use of twitter and wordpress. I am sure that it will take some time to get used to, but that is great that you were able to take this class! I also look forward to seeing how this class is different and applicable to our day to day lives. Great first post!

  2. I am with you in regards to being completely lost on twitter and the blog. I haven’t tweeted since 2015 on my personal twitter account, and, even then, all my tweets were just retweets… But like you said, I think the blogging and tweeting will lead to a much more exciting and dynamic classroom discussion.

  3. Danni Bianco · ·

    This is a great first post, Keagan! I’m glad to hear you finally made it into the class, and don’t worry, you’ll definitely get used to the format/assignments. I still cringe looking back on my first blog post, but they definitely get exponentially better as time goes on!

  4. cynmzfigueroa · ·

    As an over-thinker, I feel the same regarding the length of time it took to write my first post! Format, flow, and how to determine if you’re writing for the sake of writing or are actually making a point were things I struggled with. Hopefully it will be easier to plan over time. I’m also interested in seeing how the MBA curriculum will enhance how we approach this class. With a number of case studies we reference in classes being a few years old it will be interesting to work in a format that allows the class to discuss evolving technology in real time.

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