Initial Expectations for Emerging Technologies and Digital Business

I am excited and a bit sad to say this is my last term at an MBA student here at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management, and of the many things I have learned over the past few years one of the most important is that my initial expectations and thoughts about a class seldom hold true over the duration of the term. Previously, classes with high expectations wind up flopping, and classes with low expectations wind up being amazing, however, I have never had zero expectations about a class, until this term.

Now, that’s not to say I didn’t care about the courses I was taking this spring or the content that was going to be taught. Through my MBA career, I have taken a plethora of business school classics like finance, accounting, statistics, economics plus a handful of management electives, however, my knowledge of social media and the digital business world remains meager. When I graduated from undergrad and moved to New York City in 2010, the iPhone had just been released. Hipstamatic was a thing, and the only two social media platforms anyone cared about were Twitter and Facebook. Since then, a lot has changed and I have not kept up.

So, for my final term here at BC, I wanted to get back in touch with today’s social media landscape so I would be able to understand the ways business are using social media to promote themselves and or their products. With no foundation or understanding of social media today, I had no expectations, or thoughts about what the class would cover or what I would like to learn. Simply along for the ride to better understand how social media and emerging technology is used in today’s business environment.

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