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Okay so maybe the download isn’t complete, there is still some time left before I complete my MBA, but as far as this class goes another one check off the list, but one that did not make me check out. The things I have learned from digital business and emerging technology have been not only applicable, but helpful in my career. Here is the top seven things I learned this semester:

  1. I learned this is the best way to educate myself. Walking into Professor’s Kane class the first lecture had me a little weary, he warned us that this was unlike any course, and not for the weak or lazy. He was right, but he did something different that no other professor has done for me…he asked me what I wanted to learn. No he didn’t ask me he made me learn what I wanted to learn. The class was in the driver seat of the syllabus, we brought forth the discussion which made for a much more lively and enjoyable debate and sometimes funny tangent, and did I mention practical. This was a new way of educating myself, actually forcing me to bring what I wanted to learn and match that up with what other brought to the table.
  2. Twitter gives discussion boards a whole new meaning. I will admit when we first brought up having to use Twitter I was hesitant. For someone that has not touched the platform since my undergrad years, I thought it was fad that just died out, but boy was I fooled. Having a class discussions via Twitter allowed me to engage and learn from my classmates long after the lecture, it was also a low dose of quick education that made me feel more frequently prepared. These interaction on the platform allowed me to stay prepared for class rather cramming the night before.
  3. I now understand the blogging craze. I have called myself an amateur blogger over the years, although the last time I opened up WordPress I was sitting in the middle of France rambling on about my time studying abroad.  This time was different an academic requirement, yes, but it allowed me to put out there who I felt or would respond to a topic. Each post gave me the chance and creative pursuit to teach myself something new about technology, while giving it my own colorful twist. It is amazing what you come up when you’re given the freedom to explore any topic.
  4. I’m still a little confused my crypto currency. After taking this class I would consider myself a little more than a novice in crypto currency and block chain. Yes, I do know they are two different things, but let’s just say I won’t be getting into any debates or lengthy discussion on the topic, but I know enough to get by. What I did learn is there is so much to learn in this area and it’s only just the beginning.
  5. The creepy cool line. I was a believer before that there was a line that all these new innovative technologies were beginning to cross, but let’s just say that this class taught me about 10 more. I have always looked at technology for the way it makes our lives easier, better, or solves problems. I still look at tech this way, but now with a more forward thinking lens. What lines could this end up crossing down the line? I can tell you that getting an HR professional to think this way isn’t all that difficult, but I think I am a lot more hyper aware of the influence of tech.
  6. Knowing all about tech and social media helps in every job, and just life. It is no secret that every class you take either undergrad or graduate has a reason or meaning. Some I would say you have a look a little deeper for the reasoning, but this course I saw the value right away. We spoke about life, we spoke about work, we spoke about our parents, and hey we ever spoke about Justine Sacco. All of these conversations actually helped me see the value I can bring not only to my everyday life, but my professional career. I was able to make connection and follow the breadcrumb trails to different and interesting paths that led me to a want to learn more about a particular topic, or heck just becoming a better informed consumer or member of society.
  7. The real meaning behind digital transformation. This professor I once took actually wrote a book about digital transformations, and I would say him and his co-authors may have taught me a thing or two. I have heard the word digital transformation for the past 3 years in my work, whether it was re-organizing talent to form agile teams to just investing in a new cloud based HRIS system it’s been my life and career. Taking this class helped me navigate the winding roads of being part of a digital transformation effort, and what I really learned is I’m excited to experience more.

So while this download is complete there’s still an app store full of content just waiting to be tapped into.


  1. I took an MBA nighttime course in 1976 called Production Management. It was really hard. Every week they would give us a problem e.g., queuing theory, inventory management, that would provide a minimum of information and we would have to find the optimum solution (an ideal solution didn’t exist). Everyone shared a mainframe computer and we used “canned” programs. Most of the class was insurance executives and I was a 23 year-old party-type. I got a B after all was said and done, and the problem solving ability I gained has helped me throughout my life.

  2. merrimju · ·

    Nice article! I never really thought about the personalization we were able to have, but you’re totally right that being able to pick and choose what we tweeted, talked, and blogged about helped us control the course. I too am still confused about the whole crypto-currency, maybe again we need to learn by participating? Or maybe they should offer a class for us in our MBA lol

  3. Nice wrapup. I’m beginning to come to the conclusion that “real” digital transformation of organizations really needs to come from the HR function. That’s the only way to fundamentally change the way the company thinks! I’ve enjoyed having you in class, and don’t hesitate to let me know if I can be of any help in the future!

  4. Great key takeaways from our class. I agree the Twitter discussions really made things engaging. I also really appreciated what Professor Kane and his co-authors had to say in their book. Although the class wasn’t necessarily self-guided, it certainly felt like it was and helped us facilitate our own learning experiences. Good lucking finishing your MBA!

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