Time to Step Out of the Comfort Zone!

Every semester I look forward to the start of class, going over the syllabuses for my new classes and more details on the materials that I will learn. This time around as I started reading, I freaked out… I considered dropping this class multiple times as I did not know if I would be able to successfully deliver the quality of work needed for a good grade. This class is completely out of my comfort zone. Tweeting and blogging is something that has always intrigued and intimidated me. Having your thoughts and work available for everyone to read is not what I am accustomed to. After the first in person class I was still nervous about keeping this class, but as I drove home and thought more about it the more exciting this class became. I decided I was going to step out of my comfort zone and take this highly public and interactive class and embrace social media. I am looking forward to learning more about the basics of social media (twitter and word press) and how they are leveraged for digital transformation. I also believe I will gain more confidence in sharing my thoughts in a public forum.

While attending engineering school at Northeastern, I took almost all highly analytical and technical classes, these types of classes are the ones that I enjoy the most and are my comfort zone. Working in supply chain and operations further developed my analytical skills. During my time at Boston College, I have taken some classes that will complement the skills I will learn in this class. I took Machine Learning, a class I liked but would have done much better if I had taken it after Data Analytics 3 (which should be a pre requisite!!) and Dive, Dissect and Decide with big data which I am taking this semester. Optimization and automatization are in the center of what I believe in, after all I am an industrial engineer. At work, we are starting to use more digital tools to improve our customers experience, I will go more in depth during my upcoming presentation on digital transformation in the medical/ health care industry. Additionally,

During last week’s class while we were watching the video on digital transformation. It made me realize how much a like the digital transformation era is to the industrial revolution. During the industrial revolution goods started to be manufactured in faster and more efficient ways by utilizing new steam power technologies and then years later with the advances in the automobile industry. Lots of jobs were obsolete, but new opportunities were created once people felt comfortable in learning the new technologies.

I feel this will be the case with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Many jobs will become obsolete – as mentioned by Professor Kane. But at the same time more jobs will be created for those who are willing to learn, grow and apply with the new emerging technologies. This is another reason why I am excited for this class. I am looking forward to learning more ways in which artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data can be applied to improve performance in the real world. I am also curious to learn more about the ethics behind the applications of artificial intelligence. For example, what is considered too much and too personal data? What crosses the line between ethical and unethical? Who is responsible if something happens from the actions of AI software.

I am glad I decided to stay in this class as it is time to step out of my comfort zone and embrace the digital transformation age!


  1. I am happy to read that I am not the only one who is outside of their comfort zone. The syllabus and first class were pretty intimidating! I really like your second picture, I hope that proves acuate. I am also excited to learn about AI.

  2. OK. I do confess to you and @samuelbrand12 that I intentionally try to be a little bit intimidating the first day of class. People who aren’t willing to step outside their comfort zone just don’t do well in or enjoy the class (and my teaching evals suffer as a result). In fact, I scared 4 people out of class the first day — far short of my all-time record of 10. Now that you’ve made the decision to stay, however, we’re going to have a great semester! I’m just mad that I can’t keep my tradition of “snack time” during the pandemic!

  3. olivia_levy8 · ·

    I have to admit I was intimidated at first as well, this class has a lot of moving parts but I think I will thank myself during finals week. I also like the comparison you made of digital transformation to the industrial revolution, and how although it seems like new technology and AI are taking jobs, there is also new opportunities.

  4. Thanks for posting this Lourdes! I too was very intimidated by the public aspect of this course, having never been on Twitter or blog posts, but the fact that it is designed to be so interactive (both inside and outside of class) is also intriguing and exciting. You said this about new jobs being created (not only eliminated by the development of new tech), but I think it also applies to us learning these new social platform tools: “new opportunities were created once people felt comfortable in learning the new technologies.”

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