Is Clubhouse Here To Stay?

About 2 months ago a friend asked me.. ‘What do you think about Clubhouse?’ I did not know what she was talking about as I had never heard anything about it. She then continued to send me an invite to this exclusive social media platform and with a little hesitation but with extreme curiosity I downloaded the app and joined.

Clubhouse is an invite and iOS only, audio only social media application that allows people to be in an audio chat room to discuss a variety of topics. The interest selection in the app allows you to select topics that you are interested in and personalize your experience within the app. There are multiple interests categories available for users to select, they range from Tech, Entertainment, Life, Languages, Wellness and even Sports. In each category you can choose what specific item you are interested in, for example in Tech – I subscribed to artificial intelligence and crypto currencies (in the spirit of our class) as well as Supply Chain and Blockchain. The app allows you to join a room or create your own.

Clubhouse describes itself as: “a new type of social product based on voice. It allows people everywhere to talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships, and meet interesting new people around the world.”

Clubhouse has grown significantly over the past few months. It currently has over 10 million weekly active users, which is a 16 x increase from the 600K users it had in December 2020. As of today, it has complered a Series C funding round led by Andrew Chen of Andreessen Horowitz, with DST Global, Tiger Global and Elad Gil that values the company at $4 billion, tripling its valuation from January. Clearly, investors see the value in this platform and have high hopes for it.

Clubhouse users over time,

I have to admit I was skeptical at first, I was not sure what to expect and if I would enjoy this type of social media. Little by little I started to get more and more into it. I found groups that I was interested in and joined them. I started joining rooms and listening to industry leaders and experts discuss topics of interests to me. One of my favorites is the “Supply Chain & Operations in The News” from the Supply Chain Technology were they discuss what is happening in the supply chain world.

The ability to listen to leaders engage in conversations is something I have enjoyed. Clubhouse is also being used by celebrities to promote their brands, for example MC Hammer recently joined a talk to discuss the rap music industry. The music manager Scooter Braun has used the app to promote his clients while discussing about the music industry.

My favorite talk/conversation so far (that I was able to listen in) was the Hanging w/ Bill Gates moderated by Andrew Ross Sorkin. The talk touched base on a range of topics, from the Covid pandemic and how the US has manages it to bitcoin and why he does not invest in as he prefers to invest in companies that builds products.

The wide variety of people and resources that are available are extremely valuable. I once described this is as having access to multiple conferences on a wide variety of topics at once. I definitely went from being a skeptical user who was intimidated to one that proactively looks for talks to learn more about topics I am curious about.

“Clubhouse is a platform with lots of potential as we, as users, have the opportunity to hear from leading voices and others interested is similar topics through an overwhelming breadth of discussions available”

-Ana Hurtado, Senior Strategist, Digital & Social Media

Increasing competition

Other social media companies – Twitter, Spotify, Telegram, Discord, LinkedIn and Facebook are looking into adding similar features as Clubhouse to their platforms. Most recently, Facebook announced that they are working on new audio features called Live Audio Rooms that will allow users to engage in real time conversations and be available to everyone via the facebook and messenger app, estimated launch date of summer this year. Shockingly similar to what Clubhouse offers. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned they have plans to continue to develop and invest in audio features over the coming years.

Facebook’s Live Audio Room

With competitors quickly developing similar features in well established platforms, I believe Clubhouse will still continue to grow and gain more popularity, especially with the pending release of the android app. If you are interested in joining Clubhouse and experiencing what this new app is all about but need a referral, please feel free to reach out me and I will happily share it with you!


  1. conoreiremba · ·

    I am very glad someone in the class has taken a deeper dive into Clubhouse and a great post Lourdes. I also recently joined the platform having got an invite from a friend and I am honestly still very much on the fence. I do really like the idea that well-known people are not afraid to feel more comfortable in talking somewhat “off the record” seeing as the conversations not recorded, but what puts me off is the idea of just hopping into a conversation. Whenever I joined a chatroom, if I missed the start, I always found it kind of difficult to get a sense of where the conversation was going. Also, I’m a huge podcast fan and I have noticed that I tend to pause and rewind a lot when I am listening so maybe that’s why I have yet to truly embrace clubhouse. Also, sometimes it’s difficult to find good rooms, everyone seems to be an “expert” or “guru” these days, and so I definitely would have loved to hear the conversation with Buffet and Andrew Ross Sorkin. So after reading your post, I think it’s time to give it another go so thank you for being giving me the reason to jump back in. I also have a few invites to offer if anyone else needs one. Hey, maybe we can have a #ISYS8621 chat room and do our last weekly Twitter catch-up through Clubhouse. Thanks for sharing!

  2. olivia_levy8 · ·

    Great post. I have been hearing about this new platform on social media and through class and have a basic understanding so it was great to read an in depth blog to learn more. I tweeted this week about Reddit unveiling its “Clubhouse Clone” called Reddit Talk. The platform originally reminded me of the candidness that is seen on Reddit so to me it makes sense that they took to this space to expand their platform. I have not yet been on Clubhouse but would love to check it out, it does not seem to be the craze in my social circle, which I think is why I have yet to experience the app. Again, thanks for sharing, excited to see if Clubhouse is here to stay.

  3. changliu0601 · ·

    What a great post!! I had my Clubhouse account early but i didn’t start to use it.After reading your blog, I am so curious about it. And I followed the supply chain technology. I think I need time to explore to find more interesting clubs to get me more engaged in the Clubhouse.I’d like to hear more interesting clubs from you.

  4. Jie Zhao · ·

    First, I’m jealous that you got the exclusive invite to Clubhouse and got to experience it first hand. I feel like we’ve been talking a lot about it in class but I haven’t heard/talked about it outside of class. I do think that Facebook definitely has the capability and potential to take over it quickly as the audio-only feature seems to be easy to replicate and people seem to lean towards using the social media they’re used to using. I feel like this is similar to when Instagram copied Snapchat’s story feature – so many people initially opposed it, but not I feel like more and more people are choosing to share stories on Instagram over Snapshat. Also, Facebook has the advantage of its social network where friends are already connected to each other so it will certainly be able to grow quickly. Thanks for the blog!

  5. Scott Siegler · ·

    Nice post Lourdes! I feel like Clubhouse will comfortably settle into its own place in the market even while competitors replicate it like Snapchat was able to. It’s kind of funny to me because reading about the Rooms and Talks on Clubhouse has been drawing parallels in my mind to Reddit boards. A really popular type of board in Reddit is when an influencer does an AMA (ask me anything) and responds to everyone’s questions over a timespan of a few hours, and I feel like doing this type of thing on Clubhouse would drastically improve the experience because it creates the real-time engagement that Reddit misses.

  6. williammooremba · ·

    Really good post. One thing I am really interested to see is how much of clubhouse’s appeal was based on too much being on camera during the last year. While I had originally thought that shift was going to be a short-term adjustment, given the likelihood of people working more remotely that might be a more permanent state. Even if people go to work in an office, if there are remote team members, we might end up Zooming or the like a lot more in the future, although perhaps not as much as right now. All this is to say if this desire for more audio-based engagement becomes permanent I think Clubhouse could have real staying power. I think the other main question as you pointed out is if Clubhouse can keep its audience once the other social media players move in.

  7. Great Post! I think clubhouse has a lot of legs considering everyone’s apathy for Twitter and Tech looking for a safe space to grow.

  8. alexcarey94 · ·

    This post was very interesting to me- I actually have only seen clubhouse promoted by Instagram influencers / podcaster who I assume are sponsored so having chats on there. I did not realize people like Bill Gates held chats on here as well- very cool. I wonder how people plan to monetize on this in the future (is it similar to podcasts where they are sponsored by particular brands? or is it a feature where you can click like Instagram? or is it that clubhouse gets sponsored by ads and pays people to talk on the platform?) I guess we will see in the future!

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