Labor of Love

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Today marks Monday September 6th, 2021 and I find myself once again find myself working on Labor day! This time its swapping my day job out for a new semester of graduate work at the Carrol School of Management. This semester is my 7th on the journey to obtain an MBA in the part-time program and I’m energized by the opportunity to graduate next spring. As many of you can attest to, its not easy! Day-to-day we tend to get lost in individual deliverables, but the challenge for is not to look too far ahead.


Initially I signed up for this course with the assumption that digital transformation referred to an organization or company injecting a new technology to help reduce their bottom line or improve their top line. As a software program manager I’ve held multiple jobs for different companies conducting massive data transformation and modernization efforts with clients and internal stakeholders alike. A course on digital transformation seemed like an excellent cross-over between my professional and graduate work. However, I was not expecting our first course to go like it did!

After re-reading the syllabus 5 times, I’m still not 100% sure what we will be learning or what topics we’ll be covering, but I do know it will be interesting! I assume this course will be a breath of fresh air, tangentially supplementing the prior 6 semesters and with a re-engineered way of thinking. Classes which prompt the most discussion and effort from students tend to be those which I most enjoy. So far, I don’t mind leaving my house for the first time each day at 6pm to drive over to Chestnut hill.

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The course description indicates three overarching themes for the class:

1.     Strategic and organizational aspects of leading an organization in a digital world.

2.     Business principles associated with digital technologies.

3.     Social and ethical implications of these technologies.  

I expect we’ll cover a number of topics at a high-level focused on how technology impacts the way organizations run their business. I want to learn a lot more about products outside of my combined telecom and CRM background. How do musicians utilize the latest technology to improve their product? How about baseball teams? Or elementary school teachers? My hope is this diverse class prompted with a vast number of short deliverables will uncover more ideas and areas of interest than I would have otherwise been able to find on my own.

I’m not sure what to expect for the format of the course, only that it will be a polar opposite from the other course I’m taking this semester. Aka deliverables there are more traditional in nature and involve handing in a hardcopy each time. WordPress is blast from the past, with undergraduate writing courses and clubs requiring frequent posts, while Twitter represents the largest and fastest game of telephone ever invented. I’m interested in seeing other’s twitter accounts and hope we are able to cross platforms seamlessly (twitter, WordPress, in-class) to deliver an omni-channel experience. 

Stop speaking Corporatese: 18 buzzwords to stop using now

Ultimately, my goal for this course is the same as for any other I’ve taken: Supplement the opportunities presented from my full-time job with learnings in areas I would not have otherwise experienced. #LaborOfLove


  1. hey @greenmonsterbc, first off, those buzzwords are a perfect, “tell me you work for Pega without telling me you work for Pega” Nice to learn a bit about you and your goals for this….. I’d agree with you, I signed up expecting something a bit different, but I’m here for this and am ready to go all-in. Would be curious to hear about your telecom experience – i’m prepping for an AE role and might find myself in the telecom space, depending on the account. Cheers!

  2. Tanker 2 Banker · ·

    “My hope is this diverse class prompted with a vast number of short deliverables will uncover more ideas and areas of interest than I would have otherwise been able to find on my own”. I got you fam, the feeling is mutual. You mentioned elementary school teachers so I’ll leave this here: . Private learning pods could be a way for educators to differentiate themselves and overcome a traditionally low salaried career.

  3. In hindsight, I probably should have included more about the actual class content last week (we’ll be covering much of that tonight). My experience is that I tend to scare so many away in that first day because of the structure, that I’m reluctant to get too deep into things. That said, given the flexible nature of the class, I don’t always KNOW what the class will be about going in. I tend to adapt to student interests and current issues while providing a framework for the basics of digital transformation.

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