Stepping Out of The Comfort Zone

My previous position before coming to Boston College full-time was in event marketing. This led me to use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram on the daily to promote our conferences and speakers. My internship over the summer even had me develop numerous posts to be used throughout the next year in a constructive marketing plan. So I can comfortably say that I feel pretty familiar to utilizing social media. But that’s only when it doesn’t pertain to myself. My personal social media usage will leave me best defined as a lurker with the occasional 24 hour story post. I haven’t updated my Instagram in over a year, Facebook since 2018, and Twitter ever. I’m by no means a very private person, just never had much interest in sharing much of my life or thoughts online where it can be seen by the entire world. This class relies on each of us to regularly post and interact with each other on Twitter and this very blog, leading me very much outside of my comfort zone. Though I still considered dropping this class for something that is more routine, I’ve decided to stay the course and make the most of this unique class experience.

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform” – Roy T. Bennett

The Fun Stuff

Digital Transformation is exciting and ever innovating. The last five years have left many businesses constantly investing into technology for the future. Cloud computing, social media, artificial intelligence, and more technologies have been changing the way things are done in business operations, culture, the market and more. The speed at which these things can change has never felt more relevant than it has with the impact of Covid-19. Before the pandemic had hit the United States, it was a privilege to be able to have just one work-from-home day a week. Now some businesses are giving their employees the opportunity to stay fully remote if they so desire. The technology to be able to have an entire workforce to be remote allowed businesses to broaden their recruitment pool and give employees more of a work/life balance. This is just one thing that has been apart of digital transformation and it’s hard to track what new piece of technology that will come out in the next year and change even more.

Personal Interest

I am most excited to be able to study and do more research on artificial intelligence and the many ways that it can be utilized for business and elsewhere. AI first caught my interest when trying to study and learn chess. Previously, all chess engines and AI look to make the most correct move possible, with a scaling of best move based on the programmed difficulty of the AI. Now there are more AI engines focused on making the most human move possible. Trying to emulate moves and mistakes that players make at that same skill rating. AI is becoming standard in all businesses and not just in the tech world. AI will be driving our cars, assisting our doctors, and securing our networks. Personally, I cannot wait to have my car drive itself and I will trust a computer over most of Boston’s drivers any day.

Final Thoughts

I’m excited to step out of my comfort zone to learn and discuss with my classmates in all that’s new and exciting in digital world. I’m not ecstatic about writing these blogs and regularly tweeting, I’m willing to put my best foot forward as to make the class more engaging not just for myself but everyone else too.

Final Final Thoughts

What type of food are we thinking for snacks? Something heavy to make up for missing dinner? Light so we can still discuss pretty easily? Healthy food like carrots or more in the dessert mood like cookies? Hopefully we can discuss more soon.


  1. I would personally classify myself as a social media lurker as well but I have tried…honestly tried…to make a better effort at posting recently because I love when the app reminds you of an event that happened 3 years ago, etc. You know?! I love reliving my memories.

    Anyways, great post Conor! I respect that you are already making plans for class snacks. I vote something lighter and easy to eat. I personally love sweets but we can definitely mix it up!

  2. OK. Remind me to discuss snacks tonight. For what it’s worth, I’m not much of a social media poster, either. I do find in the context of this class, with a dedicated audience working together to understand a topic of shared interest, that it’s a different experience. I hope you find it is as well.

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