Computer Coins Are My Future

Key Points

  •  “I decided to focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency not simply because we are still in a bull cycle, but because it can be widely applied to other topics of digital transformation and is receiving a massive influx of software and finance related talent.”
  • “…less is more when sharing crypto.”
  • “…the majority of people love talking about FAANG (aka MAAAN)”

Upon reflection, I have found this course to be a rewarding experience that delivered on most of my expectations and provided valuable feedback for how I ought to communicate complicated topics. I had two expectations for this course: “expect to be introduced to and challenged in depth” on new topics; “I want to present niche content that can be discussed without jargon and tied to macro level trends that shape the business terrain we will have to navigate as leaders”. In large part, I think that these expectations were met and drove me to focus on one of my favorite topics to discuss. I decided to focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency not simply because we are still in a bull cycle, but because it can be widely applied to other topics of digital transformation and is receiving a massive influx of software and finance related talent. As I covered the topic in my own way throughout the semester, I identified two insights to present and parse out in this final blog.

Less Is More - The Best Strategy For Content Marketing

The first insight is less is more when sharing crypto. There were three aspects of our interactions that I drew from to form this: number of views between blog posts, class presentation feedback, and conversations in passing. If you look at my blog post view count, my top post was “The Internet’s Industrial Revolution” which makes sense given it was less theoretical than “City-State Competition” or “Digital Citizenship” and more relatable for current or future business leaders than “Deeper Network“. Based on my presentation’s feedback, two of the common threads were I went too deep on the topic and you all enjoyed the analogy I gave to better explain my upfront description of the technology. Lastly, whenever we would discuss these topics in or outside of the classroom our discussions would center around more relatable and simple concepts. Therefore, as I continue to write blog posts and enter discussions on crypto I will remember to say more by speaking less.

FAANG Medium Publication — Write for Us! - FAANG - Medium

The second insight is the majority of people love talking about FAANG (aka MAAAN). I’ll come out and say that I was the one who requested a permanent ban on these companies being topics of conversation during Twitter Time. To reiterate why, I felt as though and still believe that my classmates have more to offer than their opinion on the latest iPhone or speculate on whether Meta is a good name. The proof for this was demonstrated in some of the blog posts you all wrote. However, I do understand why they were common topics of conversation because they are well known companies doing arguably dramatic projects to digitally transform the world. Therefore, I plan to incorporate this insight into future Tanker 2 Banker content by linking MAAAN to crypto and blockchain in some manner.

Now that the insights are out of the way, I’d like to shift to my creative half of the post. Thanks to Prof. Kane’s points of inspiration during last class’ snack time, I would like to present a series of web 3.0 related topics (with descriptions and links) within the framework of the current syllabus. My hope is that this will prompt future reading for you all and if Prof. Kane ever wants to create a web 3.0 version of digital transformation, then he could use this as a starting point for creating one. Be warned, the links I am directing you to can lead to many rabbit holes and less traveled paths of the internet. Plan your evenings and weekends accordingly. Enjoy the last and biggest Bustle Rack!

Digital Disruption

Litentry- A decentralized identity aggregator to securely and privately transfer digital identities to web3 service providers;

Filecoin- A decentralized storage network that is cheaper and more resilient than AWS;

Enzyme Finance- A blockchain based crypto asset management platform that automates all of the back-office support for asset management professionals;

Leadership and Talent for a Digital Age

Mainnet by Messari- One of the largest crypto conferences in the world run by an 08’ BC grad;

Galaxy Digital- The premier investment firm for all aspects of crypto. Perhaps a future employer for a computer coin obsessed investment banker;

Parity Technologies- The company that brought us the Polkadot ecosystem and the place where the best cryptographic talent in the industry resides;

Becoming a Digital Organization

Forms of Blockchain Governance- What types of blockchain governments can you be a part of;

What are DAOs?– Like, seriously there are so many varieties;

BowTiedJungle- One of the many crypto twitter mobs out there;

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Nothing to see here keep going.

Big Data and AI

Ocean Protocol- Big data marketplace supported by blockchain tech. Buy and sell any kind of data;

Augur- A prediction market protocol where money is won and lost based on, well, any outcome you want. Transactions are verified and executed via blockchain tech;

Automatic Market Makers (AAMs)- The centralized exchange killers. Move over too big to fail banks, these exchanges are coming to take your lunch money;

The Sharing Economy and New Business Models

Helium- A global mesh network for the internet of things and 5G that you can make computer coins participating in;

Deeper Network- If you haven’t read my blog post on it, then what are you doing with your life. Not sharing your internet bandwidth to make computer coins that’s for sure;

Chilliz and Fan Tokens- Own a tokenized share of FC Barcelona and get exclusive fan gear in addition to sweet capital gains; Company Site: , Consumer Site:

Crisis-Driven Digital Transformation

El Salvador’s Bitcoin City- Volcanoes and Bitcoin what could go wrong;

Venezuela’s MMO Farms- Play video games as efficiently as possible to feed your family and friends. Probably the coolest and saddest story of the three;

Philippines’ Axie Infinity Pros- Remote work hasn’t been this fun and complex at the same time;

Social and Ethical Implications of Digital Technology

CityCoins- Mentioned several times throughout the semester in my blog posts;

Blockchain Social Clubs- An exclusive social club where digital apes monkey around;

Energy Web Token- A global nonprofit unleashing blockchain’s potential in the energy sector to make the planet cleaner;

Congratulations you made it to the end! Did you find something interesting? Tanker2Banker will continue to post on Twitter and may find a new home for the blog. My future journey with computer coins is uncertain. However, I think a hedgefund, investment bank, or venture capital firm focused on crypto is along the way somewhere.


  1. Shannon Reardon · ·

    My only lingering question in this course resided in finding out who didn’t want to discuss FAANG, so thank you for revealing the truth:) I agree with you though; branching away from FAANG allowed class discussions to move beyond just big tech and discuss digitally transforming companies beyond main headlines. Appreciate the push to explore more!

  2. albertsalgueda · ·

    Thank you for your insights and knowledge. I hope you can have an impact on the blockchain world and succeed in your personal goals. I encourage you to take further research on blockchain-based metaverse projects, as I think they will radically transform the way we live.

  3. albertsalgueda · ·

    Please I would love to know what you think about this blockchain idea:


  4. I will definitely look into integrating some of these pieces. Thank for the references!

  5. Christina S · ·

    Great final post! You have a fantastic writing style and way with words – glad to see you’re going to keep it up with a more permanent blog! I share your sentiment about the exhaustive discussions on “FAANG”, although I’m sure I contributed significantly to their ubiquitous presence throughout the course (I also will forevermore be referring to them as “MAGMA” which I think @geraldckane tweeted and I can’t stop hearing in the Dr. Evil voice, which seems fitting). I can’t wait to check out the last Bustle Rack!

  6. Bryan Glick · ·

    Really appreciate your insights and discussions all semester, Chris. Thanks for bringing these topics into Digital Transformation- they will be mainstream discussions in virtually every industry in the very short future.

    Definitely keep us in the loop if you find a new home for your blog!

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