So long #ISYS8621

What a semester it’s been! I for one am glad to have finally been on campus instead of attending classes on zoom.  Although this is not your typical class it is just as valuable as others for any MBA student.  Upon reading the syllabus, these statements made by Professor Kane jumped out to me:

Fair warning, this course will be different…

  • If a professor warns you about a course, my initial reaction would be to drop the course.  Especially if it is followed by: 

It will be HIGHLY interactive

  • It is a class that encourages you to put yourself out there in a comfortable environment.

The workload will be heavy, but steady. Keep up!

  • I can attest to that! But looking back, it wasn’t so bad

This class is NOT an Easy A

  • You can’t get by with minimal effort – everyone is putting their best foot forward, so you owe it to your classmates and yourself to do the same

If you are uncomfortable with these aspects of the course, you may want to reconsider… 

  • I have never been enrolled in a course where the professor is upfront about what to expect from their class or gives warnings on what the course entails.  Professor Kane’s statements made me reconsider if I’d want to take this course in the first place.  Needless to say, I’m glad I stayed.  

Professor Kane was right about the class, it’s whatever we make of it, and I think we had a great group of people that made positive contributions to everyone’s learning and understanding of digital transformation.  

The reoccurring discussions on FAANG, deep dives into different industries through individual presentations (everyone did a fantastic job BTW), interesting content shared via Twitter, the insightful guest speakers, and of course, Professor Kane’s take on digital transformation within companies and digital disruption has me graduating from this course more aware and digitally transformed! 

An aspect of this course that I particularly enjoyed was how interactive it was. Most of my classes have limited interaction as these classes are mostly lecture-based.  Digital transformation requires continuous interactions both inside the classroom and outside and is designed so that in order to learn we need to think up interesting talking points and be active on the various platforms used to keep up with the pace of this class.   This is exactly what I would expect from an MBA class.   The weekly evaluations giving feedback on our presentations were insightful as they helped me understand the strengths and weaknesses in my presentation, which is something not many classes provide. 

Having to write several blog posts throughout the semester seemed like a daunting task at first, but after my second blog I started to enjoy writing these posts. The hardest part for me was to decide on a topic to write about.  I also really liked the flexibility of the course even though the workflow was constant.  Most class don’t allow you to tailor the course based on what YOU want to learn and have it work around YOUR schedule. 

There is a lot of value in learning from our peers and this was a great group of MBAs! Thank you all for your thoughtful contributions. I felt like I learned something new every week.  I got a lot more out of this class than I initially expected, given the fact that I was going in with limited knowledge about digital transformation and I wasn’t sure how the unique structure of the class would pan out. 

For those of you graduating this semester, Congratulations!!  As for the rest of us, I hope to see you all next year!   Its been a wonderful semester😊


  1. Shannon Reardon · ·

    I wasn’t enrolled in Digital Transformations till the second class, but hearing all these blog posts made it seem like the first class was the ultimate intimidation factor. Nevertheless, we persisted.

    Both the in-person and online interactions thought were my favorite part of the course, and as much as I am sad to see them go, I am optimistic in seeing future classes use the #ISYS link. Like you mentioned, the constant discussion and interactions made me develop a greater appreciation for other people’s perspectives (and we can really learn from someone else). Thank you for this great recap.

  2. llamadelmar · ·

    Thanks for a great last blog! I think that being open to learning from your peers is a big takeaway from this class that is totally applicable in the real world. If you give someone the chance and set the expectations that everyone can be a teacher you end up with some great content. The best part is that when we learn from a peer, most of the time, they are explaining concepts in a ways that are relatable and more tangible to understand.

  3. Great post Noor! Definitely agree with loving the amount of interactivity this class has had compared to many of our other classes. Too often we are sat in front of the classroom, listening to a lecture rather than bringing the material we would like to learn about into the classroom.
    This is definitely the type of class I expected to have when I was coming back for my MBA and I’m glad to have taken it.

  4. lexgetdigital · ·

    Noor, so good being in class with you! I echo your appreciation for the interactive class style. You’re right that most MBA classes have more lectures than I anticipated and that this class required what we will be expected to do in the real world: stay up to date on current events and be prepared to provide an insightful analysis with limited information. As you said, “This is exactly what I would expect from an MBA class.” Thanks for the post & great semester!!

  5. I enjoyed our time in class together. Like yourself, I found the class discussions to be fruitful and fun. It was great to hear other people’s perspectives on emerging digital technology, including the guest speakers who brought their expertise to the course. I hope to see you around campus next year. Happy Holidays!

  6. totombc2021 · ·

    Well put! Definitely not your typical class hahah. But I think we really came together and created a great experience!

  7. rjperrault3BCCGSOM · ·

    Well said Noor! After a year plus of remote learning or in class with social distancing I for one was glad to get back on campus this fall under “normal” circumstances. It made for a really fun semester with a great group of people. I agree that we were all able to learn a lot from sharing our experiences as related to digital transformation

  8. cloudbasedbrett · ·

    “Having to write several blog posts throughout the semester seemed like a daunting task at first”..yes, same. and actually it WAS daunting for me every third week. So much so that I procrastinated each one of them and then posted my last blog a little late :(. I had trouble coming up with topics I thought would be interesting and that people would read. Eventually though, once the blog was written, I was generally happy with them. I enjoyed reading your blogs and listening to your presentation! Great job this semester!

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