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3 SM Habits Cultivated & to be Continued

In reflecting back on this semester, there are many things I could pluck out and discuss, but I’ve chosen to highlight 3 habits that this class has pushed me to develop: Consistency, Consciousness, Collaboration In this way,  the end of the semester isn’t really the “end,” as a good habit isn’t something I’d want to break. 1. Consistency There are many […]

Social Media for BookWorms

I think one of the most interesting areas where social media comes into play is with publishing and reading. We have discussed in particular the transformation of how we consume news, discuss news, and discover news in regards to RSS feeds and tweets linking to digital newspapers and magazines, but I want to touch upon a less discussed […]

The Future of Visual Search and Marketing : Pinterest

I have been an avid user of Pinterest and passionate advocate since high school. Namely, as an artist, I found it an unparalleled source of inspiration and discovery. That evolved into recognizing its far-reaching marketing implications, which I foresee transforming how we find products and brands we are passionate about, how we make purchase decisions, […]

Visual Content & Digital Marketing: Further Illustration

In my presentation this past week I covered “Social Media and the Visual World,” or “Digital Marketing and  Visual Content.” Here I want to take the opportunity to expand upon the topic by offering some strategies and practices from brands that I feel have innovative, consistent, and effective visual strategies (Threadless, Lego, Oreo) as well as […]

Jebbit’s Social Use-Case and Leveraging Social Influencers

In class and in our readings we have discussed the social media strategies of companies we’ve interned at or are customers of. I thought it would be interesting to bring my experience to the table of interning at Jebbit, a company that actually aids other companies in their social strategy as part of our value proposition! One […]

Travel & Social Media: Wanderlust, Crowdsourcing, and Business Implications

Currently, I am learning about marketing historic hotels in a management class. Exploring heritage as a competitive asset not only hones in on the intersection of history and marketing, but also brings up the psychological implications of nostalgia, tradition, and co-creation of travel experience. One of the rising phenomena is increasing ability to share and influence travel experiences through […]

3 Psychographic Profiles of Social Media Adopters

How and why does a social media platform gain followers? What are the stages? How do the expectations of what the platform provides differ among the various groups that join in along different ticks in the timeline? The answers differ from platform to platform, but there is similarities to be drawn to the bell curve of any […]

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