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Time After Time

It’s hard to believe 16 weeks have gone by so quickly. Granted, snow covered almost a quarter of the semester, but nonetheless—time has flown. You know the old saying “time flies when you’re having fun.” I often think about time when I’m on social media—why is it that 30 minutes on the treadmill slugs on […]

#Thinspiration: Instagram’s Attempt to Control Pro-ED Posts and Accounts

Warning: This post may contain triggers for people who have previously had or are continuing to suffer from an eating disorder. A few weeks ago, I wrote about my ongoing fitness journey through social media. I’ve been connecting fitness and social media since 2013, and have seen interesting trends along the way. Whether it’s the […]

#fitfam: Growing a(n Extremely) Personal Brand

My 2013 New Year’s Resolution was to lose weight. So original, right? I had been overweight all my life, and though I had lost nearly 30 pounds since 2011, I wanted to take back control of my health, after doctors telling me for the better part of eight years that I needed to do something […]

Cheap-O-Air: The Power of Customer Service

I very infrequently complain on Twitter about goods or services I receive from companies because as a professional social media manager, I understand how hard it is to please each customer while simultaneously wanting to want to fix every problem fielded through social. However, the afternoon of March 4 was an exception. I was sitting in […]

Snark, Alumni, and Photos of a Lake: How Ithaca College Established its Institutional Voice

In the fall of 2010, Rob Engelsman was a journalism student at Ithaca College interested in social media. New media was on the rise for both marketing and communication purposes within higher education, and Rob understood that. He began working for IC’s Office of Marketing Communications as a student worker running the college’s social media. When […]

Let it Snow: How Colleges Reacted to Juno

Call it #blizzardof2015, call it #BOSnow, call it whatever you want. One thing’s for sure—Winter Storm Juno definitely made an impact on New England’s social media this week. It was all over social media beginning Monday morning with the projected forecast. The governor and mayor each held several press conferences between Monday morning and Wednesday […]

state of the union 2015

Your Life in Real Time

“Good luck, Captain. Make sure to Instagram it!” As I sat in front of my television curled up in a blanket last Tuesday evening, I honestly couldn’t believe the situation that unfolded during this year’s State of the Union. Barack Obama asked Astronaut Scott Kelly, who leaves for a year-long mission in space within the […]