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I’ve Become That Old Guy

Social Media for Managers has been a really special class to say the least, and I am so glad I switched into it before the semester started. Here I am at the end of the semester, still struggling to write proper English, spending one whole minute on each and every sentence, revising and rewording them in […]

Why Do Companies Change Their Logos?

As I struggled and struggled to find a topic to write about this week (I’ll blame this on The Donald) I came across something interesting. When I scrolled through my apps on my phone, I noticed that something seemed a bit off about my Tumblr app: The logo changed. The difference was so subtle that […]

LYNK & CO: More Than Just a Car

The automotive industry has off late been a hub for innovation and new ideas. Companies like Tesla, Uber, Lyft, and Google have been innovating at rapid pace in the areas of ride-sharing and autonomous driving. With that being said, a new player has stepped into the race to revolutionize transportation and car ownership. It’s called LYNK & […]

Polarized at the Polls: Social Media’s Divisive Roll in Politics

It’s hard to observe change when you’re living through it; things seem normal day to day until you remove yourself from a situation and look at all that’s happened from a third party perspective. This is what I did while deliberating about this ridiculous election season and I realized that we are more polarized and […]

Bots: The Supreme Craze Further Explained

Two weeks ago I gave a presentation on Supreme, and the mass hysteria behind buying their clothing at retail price on the drop date, every Thursday at 11am sharp. As a part of my anecdote, you realized that you’d never be able to buy Supreme the same way you buy from Amazon, J.Crew, etc. because people […]

Self Driving Vehicles: What’s in Store?

Earlier last week, I retweeted an article detailing Uber’s first attempts at putting an autonomous vehicle on the roads of Pittsburgh to test their technology. While it’s still in need of more innovation and fine tuning, we have come a long way and we will surely see driverless cars hit the roads nationwide within the […]

Initial Thoughts on Social Media

My views on Social Media vary drastically, depending on which lens I am looking through. Two of these lenses that immediately come to mind are that of myself, and a business. My View As an individual, I do not like what social media does to people. We’ve all seen the pictures: at sporting events… at concerts… at […]