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As We Go On, We Remember, All the Lectures, We Had Together

Well spring semester students of Social Media for Managers, we did it! We have come to the end of a semester with the wonderful Professor Kane and learned some really awesome lessons along the way. We heard from some brilliant guest speakers, stayed up to date with the latest social media trends, and can now call […]

Don’t Let Social Media Scams Win

As I was scrolling through our #IS6621 Z Twitter feed, I stumbled upon a tweet from my classmate, Caroline Cavaluzzi, about Australians falling for social media scams. After studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia, this headline did not shock me AT ALL. During my six months living over there, I met tons of locals who were […]

Bad News Shared via Social Media

Yesterday, April 9, 2015, pop megastar Taylor Swift informed the public of some unfortunate and truly upsetting news about her family. Her mother Andrea has been diagnosed with an unidentified cancer at the age of 57. Taylor explained that she asked her mother to get a health screening back in December since she hadn’t done so […]

Spirit Airlines Gets… Sexual?

Ah yes… Yet another mildly hilarious social media mistake in the books. But this time I find myself wondering how in the world did this happen? Why in the world would they want this to happen? What team of Spirit Airlines employees worked together for months putting together this campaign? Essentially, the low-cost airline carrier […]

I’m Gonna Give All My Secrets Away

Yes, I did just quote the popular band OneRepublic in my title and, yes, I know that is incredibly cheesy. However, this particular song lyric is very closely related to my post this week, which is on the admired blog “Post Secret”. Do you understand the title now? Background To give you some background information […]

A SuperBowl of Commercials in Review

As a life-long, die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan currently living in Boston, I felt as though I was required to watch the Super Bowl, but couldn’t really involve myself in the excitement. I watched the game with friends, cringed at the bad plays, and held in some cheers when the Patriots won; I knew my mother […]

Facebook, Twitter, and Insta, Oh My!

As I sit here contemplating my initial thoughts on social media, I notice I am simultaneously looking at not one, not two, but three different social media platforms. I have my Facebook pulled up on my web browser, I am glancing through the explore table of my Instagram account, while also intermittently checking my Snapchat […]