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Thank You Notes

One of my favorite portions of Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show is his Thank You notes semgent. He somehow incorporates very real reasons to be thankful with a twist of humor. My last blog post is a series of thank you notes to everyone and everything that made it memorable and worthwhile to be a part […]

Slide into my DM’s

The topic for this blog came about because of a joke going around my office the past couple of weeks. For the past six months, I’ve been planning the annual Graduate Student Ball that just occurred the first weekend of April. While discussing who was bringing what date, I kept telling everyone I was bringing […]

House of Mouse: Magic Band Addition

If you have yet to go to any of the Disney Parks and Resorts, I strongly suggest you integrate it into your future vacation plans. While kids clearly love Disney, I’d argue that Disney is just as much for adults, if not more (you’ll usually find me in the Tequila Cave in the Mexico Pavilion […]

Weather is Coming

There are some things you should know about me. Besides the fact that I boast a lot about being from Chicago and can absolutely be won over with chocolate and peanut butter, my favorite celebrity is Ginger Zee. While she may not be your typical red-carpet celebrity, she’s my inspiration (and just happens to share […]

Solve Any Crime by Dinnertime

“We’ll solve any crime by dinnertime” -Detectives Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen  I have to admit, there is something about crime scene investigation television and movies that I absolutely love. I used to tell my parents growing up that I wanted to be an FBI Agent someday, and while that may have not come true, to […]

To the next Carrie Bradshaw…

When I first heard that we would be blogging on a regular basis for our Social Media and Digital Business class, my mind immediately went to me sitting in a coffee shop on Newbury Street eating a scone in the window, while thinking pensively and writing the days away just like Carrie Bradshaw would. I’m […]