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Twitter: What a great surprise! Reflections on IS6621

When I started the Social Media for Managers’ class, despite being interested and seem to be a promising class, I really was not sure what lay ahead. I must confess that right away I came across something that initially I did not like … something called Twitter! Before the course, I did not have the […]

Social Media: They are here to stay.

Although we have heard several times phrases like “When Facebook no longer exists …”, “Twitter will die quickly …” among others, the fact is that being Facebook, Twitter and other networks eternal or not , social media in general are here to stay and are increasingly being part of our everyday lives. In its early […]

Inbox: Google’s new approach to email.

As we spoke many times in our Social Media for Managers class, email was the first real social element on the internet. Over years some improvements occurred, and Google, along with the Gmail team, were responsible to many innovations. Looks like they are ready to change the way people interact with email again. The Gmail […]

Earning money in Social Network in a different way.

Would you like to be paid for your posts and content that you share in your social network? If your answer is YES, this post will interest you. No, this is not a post recruiting social media professionals and not one of those “work at home and make thousands of dollars” offers. I am talking […]

A new generation of cards.

Nowadays it is very rare to find a person who does not have a credit card. The history of this product began in the United States just over 60 years, but the product has spread quite rapidly. The credit card as we know it was created in 1950 in a restaurant in New York City. […]

Your Kitchen Smarter and Social.

One of the characteristic of social media are the ability to share content over the internet. Every day new social media elements pops-up around us. Electrolux, a major home appliance manufacturer, just created a smarter and social refrigerator. The DT52X refrigerator was recently released in Brazil and it has two exclusive applications: Healthy Life and CookBook. Healthy Life It […]