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Jesse Eisenberg ≠ Social Media

The Social Network essentially told us that the concept of a social network was singlehandedly invented, redefined and repackaged in the space of a year or so by Zuckerberg and a supporting cast of pretty people.

Date Me Maybe? (for 40 Days)

In a dimly lit, keg-filled, and dirty basement on Radnor Street this weekend I found myself having a philosophical discussion on what fuels the hook-up culture here at BC. It was a brutally honest and relatively depressing conversation that clashed oddly against the pulsing strobe lights and drinking games going on behind our contemplative circle. The […]

Surfing with a Purpose: Social Media in Class

Thumbing down my stream on a pathetically low-battery phone, I searched frantically for the score of the Red Sox game.  I was sitting in the back of a classroom at 8:30 p.m., and I was not supposed to be on Twitter. But these are the morally fraught lows to which I had sunk during the […]


The past two seasons of Red Sox baseball have been an emotional rollercoaster for any self-respecting Massachusetts dweller.  It’s painful revisiting the 2012 season that left the Red Sox with a 69-93 record and last place finish in the AL East. The team, and Red Sox nation, was demoralized by the team’s worst season in […]

Going Viral to Beat Back Millennial Stereotypes

We’re the worst. We should just accept it. We’re lazy. We spend too much time on our phones. We don’t have something called “empathy,” whatever that is. We’re millenials. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being called lazy by the media when I go to school full time, work a part […]

Twitter Personas: Harry Reid, the Eloquent?

“Harry Reid did it again.” If you grew up in a staunchly Democratic house like me, this was probably a sentiment you often heard your Dad mutter with expletive-strength while watching the nightly news.  While I was growing up it seemed like Senator Harry Reid, from Nevada, could never get it right, whatever it was. […]

Twitter: Bro, you’re doing it wrong

My dad doesn’t get Twitter.  In light of Twitter’s move to an IPO, we had a long conversation over breakfast this morning about how he thinks it’s a waste of time. Apparently he listened to a crotchety reporter on NPR talk about how trivial Twitter is as a form of social media.  I couldn’t find […]

Testing testing!

Here goes nothing!