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Final Thoughts on Social Media

This class was definitely a new experience for me as almost all of my courses in the MBA program have been accounting and finance based. As someone that had used Facebook and Instagram to occasionally post a photo or video, it was beneficial to learn about the business side of social media.  Reflecting back on […]

How the Election was Won with Less $$ and More Tweets

  **Before I even begin: I ask that you read this with an open mind regardless of who you voted for. This is a blog on smart, lean spending and the power of social media, not political preferences.** It’s been reported that Clinton spent twice as much as Donald Trump on her campaign for the […]

How online apps have ruined dating…and how one app is trying to fix it

As a 34 year old, I am lucky to have experienced dating before the influx of dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Happn made its way onto the scene. I was with someone for 9 years (and married for 6) and in 2012 decided to divorce him and was left with something very different that […]

How the Construction Industry is Leveraging Social Media and Digital Business

When people think of tech savvy companies, the construction industry is probably not at the top of the list. Yet according to the Construction Marketing assocaition, 97% of construction professionals are active on social media. In the Association’s latest Social Media Summit, LinkedIn and Facebook were considered the most effective platforms. 51% of construction marketers […]

Memes – How Unsuspecting People Become Internet Famous & the Legal Implications

Chances are you are familiar with some of the memes below. Have you ever wondered where those pictures actually came from? Some are of people who willingly posted their likeness on a social media site. Others are of normal people posting old photos on Facebook, not realizing that some random stranger was scouring the internet […]

So How Do People Get So Many Instagram Followers, Anyways?

As someone who runs a business and trying to amp up my social media game, I have been doing research on the best ways to gain momentum on a social platform. After toying with Facebook for a few months, I’ve decided Instagram is my favorite route to take right now. I enjoy that its primary focus is […]

Initial Thoughts on Social Media

Social media is flexible and can be utilized in different ways for various intentions. I personally tend to use Instagram and Pinterest the most, perhaps because it’s easier and faster to look at an image than it is to read an entire article. Facebook has become less useful for me. Instagram accounts tend to have a […]