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TBH I got nothing from this class :/

So, you fell for it and started reading my blog post- I have mastered clickbait. But, at this point, you should probably know that my title is absolutely fake news and I can truly say that this was one of my favorite classes at Boston College. I was very nervous beginning this class because 1) […]

How to Keep Learning After *cringe* Graduation

In a world that is rapidly changing, it is essential to continue learning. Udacity, a popular MOOC provider, states, “education is no longer a one-time event but a lifelong experience.” MOOCs, or “massive open online courses” reflect a need for lower cost, high-quality education. This need, combined with the advancements in technology and cultural changes have […]

Digital Business in the World of Foodies

The Consumption Chain “When considering supplying a new product or service, one starting point is to think about the entire lifecycle of the way value is delivered to discover new points of differentiation” (Olaf Kowalik). Here is the summary of the lifecycle consumption chain: Through the use of digital technology, the restaurant industry is significantly […]

Facetiming With a Doctor > Health Services

Today we can get almost any service or product at the click of a button with on-demand digital marketplaces. Forget to buy toilet paper? Go Puff has you covered. Too drunk to drive home? Thank you, Uber. Too sick to make it to health services (don’t want to go to health services because they will […]

Boston, Bars, and Digital Technology

Home to over 250,000 college students and technology powerhouses such as MIT and Harvard, Boston is known to be a hub of digital technology. However, when I think of the bar scene in Boston, “high tech” and “digitally progressive” aren’t the words that come to mind. I think that to a certain extent, bars should […]

I Share, Therefore I Am

We live in a world that is the most connected we’ve ever been. In less than seconds, you can see the faces of loved ones who live thousands of miles away. You can learn about crises minutes after events occur and even watch them in live time. You can be talking to you best friend […]

#TruthIs I Ran the Family Cell Plan Up $500 in 7th Grade Because of Data Usage

I’ve always thought of myself as being an early adopter of technology. Maybe it’s because I had an iPhone before Apple made it available to all service providers (only good thing about AT&T), maybe it’s because I’ve been called a tech loser a few times for I read blogs about new digital technologies on occasion. […]