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Last Will and Testament of @gkhanlon

Last Will and Testament of @gkhanlon I, @gkhanlon, presently of #IS6621, being of sound mind and disposing memory and not acting under duress or undue influence, and fully understanding the nature and extent, do hereby make, publish, and declare this document to be my Last Will and Testament of Social Media and Digital Business. Article […]

Mean Girls: Digital Edition

AMAZON: THE OVERACHIEVER Every high school has one, and Amazon takes the cake for class overachiever of the digital world. Whether it’s AmazonFresh or the fact that I can order just about anything to my doorstep overnight, there is no doubt Amazon has already mastered the art eCommerce. But, as seen through their lack of […]

Can’t steal my style, but maybe we can share it?

For this week’s discussion of the ‘sharing economy,’ Professor Kane asked us to watch Professor Sundararajan’s NYU lecture about crowd-based capitalism and block chain markets. Professor Sundararajan speaks to the future of the sharing economy and its rapid growth. Pricewaterhouse Coopers predicts that by 2025, the five key sectors of the sharing economy — finance, […]

When your mom thinks she’s a millennial…

  This summer, my family and I went on a trip to San Francisco. The first morning there, after being woken up extremely early by our parents, my siblings and I found ourselves standing in line outside of a restaurant named Sweet Maple. While the wait was excruciatingly long, my mother insisted this would be […]

No°5 Challenges for Luxury

Luxury was late to the game. With the heritage, quality control and immersive shopping experiences that define luxury brands, engaging in social media communications seemed like an absurd concept for these brands. For the longest time, luxury brands believed that social media platforms were a mass phenomenon and did not concern their target audience. Fast-forward […]

Customizing the Customer Journey

“My sense is customer journey mapping will become a mandatory tool for digital transformation. Enterprises will begin to do customer journey mapping as the first part of their planning activities.” –Raman Sapra   Whether in Computers in Management or a Marketing Course here at Boston College, many of us have learned about the “Customer Journey […]

My Digital Business Bucket-List

My Digital Business Bucket-List: To Prepare me for the “The Real-Digital World” My senior year of high school, each student had to complete a Capstone Project. This project required us to intern in “the real world” in a business of our choice. So, in the spring of 2013, I apprehensively sat on the train to New […]