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(Repost) My Initial Thoughts on Social Media

(This was stuck in personal wordpress and never made it to the class blog) To start, my thoughts on social media break down into two categories 1) my personal use and 2) utility for businesses. First, my personal use of social media. I both appreciate the utility of social media and have a distaste for […]

I’m Off The Grid

I’m going off the grid! I’ve temporarily disabled by instagram and facebook accounts for an indefinite period of time. No, I’m not quite going back to the 1800s. I have kept my snapchat as a messaging platform and my email accounts because I’m not insane. I’ve got the messenger and sms capabilities of my phone, […]

What Went Wrong?

Last week our class enjoyed had a particularly stimulating discussion over the election results and what affected the outcome. Before reading on, you should know that this is not a politically charged post.  In the words of Evelyn Hall, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say […]

Online Gambling, Lose Money in The Comfort of Your Own Home!

So I’ll start with a little bit of my background. I’m not a gambling man per se, but I like to play the odds. A good game of texas hold em can be a nice and exciting way to spend an evening. I’ve been trading equities for about ten years now, and admittedly it can […]

Why Leave the House…My Deodorant Will Be Here Tomorrow!

Before I begin my non sequitur stream of consciousness, I should tell you that this is not a post about deodorant. It’s actually a post about online shopping…and spending life indoors. Don’t worry, I smell just fine…I promise. But if I thought I was running low on some deodorant and a was bit tight on […]

Taking Out Your Phone is the Yawn of Our Generation

I came across this title line “Taking Out Your Phone is the Yawn of Our Generation” in a twitter account @GSelevator, and it got me thinking about smartphones, social media, and being present.  Social media. The name implies increased social connection between people through some kind of media medium. This is entirely what Social media […]

Venmo – Personal Finances Made Public

Personal finances are something typically kept very private. Usually, the account owner and bank teller may be the only people to ever lay eyes on an account’s bank balance. While this is still largely true, social media is offering our friends ever more insight into our personal finances. In the old days most transactions were […]