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The More You Learn the Less You Know

When registering for classes Spring semester last year, I really had no idea what courses I wanted to spend 5 days a week on. Trying to utilize the experience and knowledge of those older than me, I made some off-hand comments about being interested in taking “some social media or something” class next year. This […]

Behind the Scenes at Disney

For my second to last blog post, I had the privilege of talking to BC alum Michael Hundgen, a CSOM graduate. Michael is currently a Director of Content at The Walt Disney Company and was previously a senior Manager of Digital Content Strategy. Mashable has also written an article about Michael and his team, as […]

Battle for Video Supremacy

If you’ve haven’t realized, Facebook is kind of a big deal. Facebook has a market valuation around $350 billion and is competing against the likes of Apple, Google, and Microsoft to be the first company to reach that illustrious $1 trillion mark. The platform is home to more than 1.5 billion users or more than […]

Why the NBA is the League to Follow (Literally)

This week is one of the biggest weeks for the the upcoming NBA season as it is the first week of this season! This Tuesday night marks the inaugural game featuring the reigning champion, Cleveland Cavaliers versus the New York Knicks, making my blog post aptly timed. So as you follow your favorite team over […]

Why People Now Pay to be Advertised to: Emojis

As a society, humans are always pushing the envelope when it comes to technology, and especially when it is in regards to communication. We’ve gone from face-to-face conversations to letters. From telegraphs to international calling. And now from video chats to emojis. Whether it be a colon with a parenthesis (aka smiley face) or a […]

Apple, Microsoft, and Domino’s?

Doing my daily scroll through Twitter, I happened to come across a TechCrunch article about how we have to readjust the way we value companies. While an interesting read on it’s own, there was a section about how companies are redefining themselves to keep up with this new era of digital business, and one line […]

FOMO, Richard Jefferson, and the NBA: Initial Thoughts on Social Media

For some reason or another I have always followed some crazy, unspoken, made-up rules when it comes to social media. I didn’t create a Facebook account until I got into high school, I don’t post more than one picture on Instagram per day (this might be more due to my uninteresting day-to-day life), I don’t […]