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Final Thoughts on IS6621

With the closing of the semester and this final blog assignment, I decided to return to my initial post about my connections with social media.  In the final paragraph, having reflected on what I saw as my younger sister’s frivolous social use, I desired to make my interactions with social more constructive.  I believe IS6621 […]

Hashtag Feminism

The main theme for my blog posts this semester centered on my work in admissions.  While the topic of social media and the college search process fascinates me to no end, I figured I’d use one of my last posting opportunities to write about something completely different, though also close to my heart.  As a […]

Social Media: Preventing seniors from getting into college?

Do college admissions counselors really look at applicants’ social media posts?  It’s an age old question (or at least one that’s popping up in the twenty-first century due to the intense increase of people documenting their lives on the internet).  I touched on this topic a bit in my in-class presentation, but basically the answer […]

From College Guides to College Guide Apps: A Review

When I think back to the onset of my college search process I remember feeling one thing, overwhelmed.  There are thousands of institutions of high education in the U.S. and many different ways to define them.  The categories include combinations of big, small, public, private, urban, rural, religiously affiliated, etc.  With all of these choices, […]

The Twitter War: BC vs. BU Admissions

As my presentation touched on last week in class, Twitter is on the up and up for fast information about the college admission process.  It is an excellent tool for colleges who both wish to recruit potential applicants and inform definite ones.  I’ve poured over different admission office accounts, and as my previous blog post […]

A Tale of Fostering Access Through Social Media

Being the social media minded human that I am, my first step in crafting this week’s blog post was to peruse Google for some inspiration.  I thought my focus was going to be like last week’s: dissecting the use of a particular social app within college admissions offices.  Instagram was checked off the list so […]

“Don’t forget to #Gassongram after the tour!”

Today’s post for IS662 (7:00 p.m.) is all about Instagram! The picture sharing app is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of social media.  I mentioned in my last post that my seventeen year old sister is addicted (as well as my eleven year old brother) and it seems that every tween and […]