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The Social Super Bowl

There’s only three weeks of football left in the regular season – that means Super Bowl Sunday will be here before you know it. On February 1, 2015, millions of viewers will tune in to Super Bowl XLIX, not only for the big game, but also for the highly anticipated commercials. Companies shell out millions […]

tsū: The Social Network That Pays You to Share

I discovered tsū (pronounced “sue”) when one of my Facebook friends shared a post by an organization called Sustainable Human. The post featured a photo of Mark Zuckerberg with the words “R.I.P. FB. I guess this is goodbye” and a short description of the new social network. Interested in learning more, I joined using the […]


Obstacle racing is the sport in which a competitor conquers obstacles that challenge him or her, both physically and mentally. Most races involve mud, water, and trail runs, and require the actions of running, climbing, crawling, swimming, jumping, and carrying. Chances are you or someone you know has recently completed an obstacle race. They have […]

‘Tis the Season for Holiday Shopping

It seems like the holiday season creeps up on me quicker each year. I cannot believe it is already mid-October! Where did the summer go? Well, now that the cooler weather is here, it is time to start thinking about your favorite American pastime – holiday shopping! Okay, so maybe it isn’t that exciting; after […]

The Presence of Animal Shelters on Social Media

Animals have always held, and will always hold, a soft spot in my heart. I have had pets my whole life and could not imagine life without them. The majority of my pets came from animal shelters. During my parents’ search to find the perfect pets for our family, they frequented the “Pet of the […]

Taking the Social Media Plunge

Okay, I’ll be honest… I initially took ISYS6621 thinking it would be an easy MBA elective. I thought to myself, “How hard can a class about Facebook and Twitter be?” When I found out we would have to blog, comment, and tweet on a normal basis, I got a little anxious. Facebook is the social […]


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