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Thank You

This class showed me the bright side of Twitter. I used to have a personal Twitter but after every time I logged on, I felt worse about myself or the world than I did when I started scrolling. Previous to this class, I thought of Twitter as a place cluttered with fake news, trolls, and […]

Welcome to the Club

Back in high school, all the cool kids sat at a certain table during lunch and it was the hopes and dreams of many that one day they would have the opportunity for a seat at that illustrious table. Nowadays, the cool kids’ conversations are not taking place at the lunch table, but they are […]

Modern Day Operation

I used to hate playing Operation. So much stress. So much pressure. My hand used to be shaking as I gently guided the tweezers into the Operation board. And right as I grazed the board and the buzzer went off and the board started shaking, my hands would fly into the air. That is when […]

The Future of Video Games… Coming to a Phone Near You

Long ago there was darkness… and then… suddenly… there was Pong. Pong was a revolutionary video game that allowed one or two users to play virtual ping pong against each other or against the computer. Fast forward to today and we have virtual realities of battlefields which can leave you with PTSD after playing, due […]

Kinexon, the Savior of Sports in America

Look back to last March, before the pandemic… Life was good. Life was simple. And then, the coronavirus struck the Unites States. What was the first major event that caused pubic outcry? For me, and for many others that I’ve spoken with, it was when Rudy Gobert tested positive for the virus, and the NBA […]