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Social Media? How hard could this class be?

My journey through this class really began during registration period last Spring. I needed an elective that would satisfy my Buisness Analytics concentration requirement. I looked through the course catalog and thought to myself “Social Media? How hard could that be?”. Fast forward to the first day of class when Professor Kane looked us in […]

The Reunion is Ruined

Susan married her husband in 2010 and now has two children and a pet cat. She’s a successful lawyer living in Connecticut and spent her Christmas vacation traveling around South America. Her son plays soccer and was picked to be varsity captain. She also ate chia pudding for breakfast yesterday…. Typically, information like this is […]

150 of My Friends are in North Dakota

Your Facebook timeline is probably flooding with check-ins from “Standing Rock, ND”. Chances are your friends are actually in O’Neill Library or the Rat. So what’s the point? This is a new type of social activism we haven’t typically seen in the past. For those who are unfamiliar with the current situation, demonstrators are camping […]

Step 1: Make a Viral Video Step 2: Receive Death Threats

5 Phase Plan for Achieving Fame Make a Viral Video Television Singing Career Movies Magician I came across this list from a Netflix series based on the fictional YouTube character “Miranda Sings”. This show is everything you love and hate about Napoleon Dynamite multiplied by 3 and concentrated into 30 minutes. But within the first […]

Justin Bieber = Oprah Winfrey

To clarify, Justin Bieber and Oprah Winfrey have the same Klout score. What’s a Klout score? Let’s step back to the bigger picture of influencer scores. Influence scoring is a rating system used to measure the degree and quantity of reactions that a user generates via their social media platform. These scores incorporate several key […]

Things That Annoy Me

For the sake of keeping this blog post brief, I’ll focus on things that annoy me specifically about social media. I took a simple survey of some of my friends (ages 20-25) and asked them what frustrates them about their favorite social media platforms. How is it possible that these companies spend millions of dollars […]

Cat Videos to DJ Khaled

When did social media stop being about cat videos? When did it stop being about what you ate for breakfast or sharing your favorite Green Day lyric? When did it become an essential for social change or the backbone of modern marketing? When did it become the platform for the best/worst political arguments? When did […]