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Actually Doing Homework: Final Thoughts on IS6621

Before this semester, I had only had two experiences with social media assignments for school, and both were negative. In high school I had to give up all technology, including social media, for a week when we were studying Transcendentalism, and I had a similar assignment my freshman year of college. I’ll admit I never […]

100 Years Later: Recognizing the Armenian Genocide on Social Media

Next Friday, April 24, marks the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide. Although it isn’t officially recognized as a genocide globally, Armenians around the world use the day to remember those they lost as well as reignite their fight for global leaders to formally acknowledge their loss as a genocide. Despite this day being so […]

This is a Drill: Social Media Crisis Simulations

Throughout the semester, we have looked at many different social media blunders from accidental posts to inappropriate or insensitive campaigns. Most of our discussions related to these rogue posts have been centered on how to limit the damage after the message has been sent. Through these discussions, it has become very apparent that these mistakes […]

Mark Cuban and Limiting Content in a Content Heavy World

Lately, I’ve noticed growth in an interesting trend in social media: self-destructing content. Although Snapchat has been around since 2011, its recent addition of Discovery and ads has revamped the app and significantly increased its valuation. Other apps that allow users to send self-destructing content like texts and emails are becoming more popular, even gaining […]

Social Beauty

No matter what your concentration is in CSOM, going through the entire undergraduate curriculum without learning about Zara seems to be impossible. Zara’s ability to leverage technology to understand what their consumers want and use vertical integration to quickly turnover constantly changing inventory provides a solid case study for how a company can use information […]

Lessons from Humans of New York and Vidal Chastanet

For years millions of people have been sharing, commenting on, and liking posts by Brandon Stanton on his Facebook page, Humans of New York. Although his premise is simple, to share the stories and photos of people he meets on the streets of New York, his page has never gotten mundane or dry. And a […]

More than Status Updates: Initial Thoughts on Social Media

Like most kids born in the early 90’s, when I was growing up I never thought much about the potential power and complete uses of social media. Entering the early 2000’s, it was clear social media was booming from its establishment decades earlier with the reply all feature in email, but its superficial uses were […]