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4 Things I Took Away from Prof Kane’s Class

When I first started this class and we were asked to write an initial thoughts blog post, I wrote about my skepticism and basically my lack of usage of social media because it isn’t something that I am hyper passionate about and I am not keen on sharing my entire life with the people that […]

Facebook F8: Making AR A Reality

So this week Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be the lead in augmented reality. Now, we’ve talked about AR in class quite a bit as well as Facebook, but what can the implications of the former be on the latter? Because Facebook has sort of taken a follower position on most of its updates […]

The Blue Light: Not What You Want To Be Staring At

Following all the research I did for my presentation I came across two conclusions, 1) it wasn’t going to be easy to explain f.lux and its business implications in under seven minutes and 2) the lack of definite statistical proof that it is effective made me curious. So as a result, I decided that I […]

Oh My Yeezy

In 2017, if you were to walk into any given public area, filled with people, and asked the simple question of “Do you know who Kanye West is?”, you’d not only get a majority vote of ‘yes’ but you’d also get a wave of different responses with regards to opinions of him. Kanye, (also known […]

The Digital World: Positively Enabling or Detrimental for Kids

When you’re in a restaurant, or an airplane or in a mall, do you ever wonder why little kids are being so quite and well behaved? Or in the reverse scenario, when little kids are kicking and screaming, raging against their parents, do you ever think, geez why don’t the parents just give them an […]

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Just a couple years ago, retailers were scared of what digital and e-commerce would do to their businesses, let alone the augmented reality trend of today. Marc Andreesen, a tech investor and the creator of Netscape, among many other “techies”, had even made comments suggesting that retail stores will completely die at the hands of […]

La Movida

When you think about Hispanics, what is your first thought? In today’s political climate, I’m not positive that everyone’s response would be too endearing, however, for me its part of how I identify myself. When I, and most other Miami residents (which is where I’m from), the adjectives that pop into my head automatically are […]