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ATTENTION: Do not read until 2037

Time has flown by…I remember our first Wednesday night thinking that maybe I should drop this class based on the first forewarnings and lists of assignments. But boy am I glad that I didn’t! What I have learned this semester is both invaluable and applicable for all us moving forward, many thanks to the eye-opening presentations, Twitter […]

Warby Parker Making Glasses Cool Again

I’m not blind without my glasses, but I definitely need to wear glasses or contacts if I want to see leaves on trees. Quick refresher: when I was in middle school, glasses were definitely not considered cool. I dreaded going to the eye doctor and thought most glasses looked ugly on my face. And when […]

BC Assistive Technologies Give People More Than A Voice

I’d like to dedicate this post as a follow-up to my presentation to talk more about Camera Mouse, along with other areas that spiked your interest from the feedback I received.  For someone who has grown up using computers ever since I can remember, I sometimes find myself taking technology for granted. What technology allows […]

Broadway’s Not Throwing Away Its Shot

Growing up, I have always been a fan of the theater even though I have no acting or singing talent of my own. But coming from a theater family background (fun fact: my grandma was Sandra Bullock’s high school drama teacher), I have enjoyed going to shows with my family at least once a year. […]

My Computer is an Artist

I’ve always been someone who considers art one of my hobbies, enjoying both painting and creating digital art on Adobe programs in my spare time. While some of my friends and family might consider me #artsy, I would beg to differ that my computer can be even #artsier. We have learned, discussed, and tweeted some […]

Augmented Reality Apps Changing the Game of Retail

It just became a whole lot easier to shop from your couch, and all because of augmented reality. Augmented reality differs from virtual reality in the sense that it does not create an entire virtual world, but rather combines virtual aspects on top of reality. AR is used today mainly in applications where computer-generated images, sounds, […]

Is My TV Watching Me?

“Hey, that one Super Bowl commercial last night was amazing.” “Which one?” “You know, the Mr. Clean dancing commercial?” “Nope, I was never shown that one.” “Oh…” Welcome to the future, where different viewers watch different television commercials based on their unique patterns and preferences. While my Super Bowl example is an exaggerated take on […]