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An Agile World

As the business world continues its shift towards an increasingly digital presence, companies are working diligently in the department of change management to find the structure that best fits their business needs. In many companies today, the technology side of the business is still very separate from the revenue and strategy components. However, as time […]

E-Commerce: Does Amazon Take All?

Although Amazon is the ecommerce behemoth that dominates headlines, one company is proving that Amazon is not the only ecommerce success story. Shopify is a little known Canadian company founded in 2004 that has been empowering entrepreneurs around the world to take back control of their brand from Amazon and build loyal customer bases with […]

Technology Sucks

By: Conor O’Neil When we talk about social media and digital business, we often focus the conversation on Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Uber. However, we often fail to recognize that today, in the 21st century, almost every business is a digital one, with some sort of app or web presence to enhance the customer experience. […]

Social Media Influencers: Friends or Foes?

Influencers, who are they? What are they? Are they my friends? Are they marketers? Truth is the term social media influencer is a rather fluid term. Influencers can be almost anyone on social media with a significant following that posts pictures representing a brand in exchange for free items from that brand or monetary compensation. So […]

Foreword: ISYS6621

Initial Expectations for Emerging Technologies and Digital Business After the inaugural meeting of ISYS6621 in the posh Stokes 195S, I look forward to a semester of innovative debate as we drill deeper into the synergies between technology and business. Outlined below are some of my personal expectations for this class that I feel will challenge […]