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My reflections and takeaways from #IS6621

     Going into IS6621, I was incredibly excited for coursework that considered the intersection of the vastly growing world of social media and the role of traditional businesses. I have been active on social media platforms since approximately 2008, my freshman year of high school, when I created a Facebook account. While I did […]

Social Media and Music

     In this blog post, I am going to discuss the music industry and the platforms that are currently available to stream music (some of which I’m sure you are already familiar with) and how they encourage online social interaction amongst users. In this post, I will be discussing Spotify, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp and […]

The veracity of online content

     With the plethora of social media platforms that are constantly publishing posts left and right, social media users are incessantly bombarded with content as they browse. Whether it be news and scores about the NBA playoffs or short updates about the ongoing political campaigns, social media users are subjected to updates on the […]

Social Media – Online vs. Offline

With the proliferation of social media platforms, friendships and relationships that begin or are based solely online are becoming more and more common. Whether it be chatting with a significant other on a dating app like Tinder before meeting up with them in person or becoming mutual followers with someone on Twitter because of a […]

Anonymity and Social Media

     New social media platforms seemingly crop up every few months, with some catching on quickly and generating a large user base within a short period and others never really making it past the stage of infancy. One platform which has risen to prominence over the past couple of years is Yik Yak, an […]

The Intersection of Social Media Privacy Settings and Online Validation

     A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with a friend of mine about the reasons that people share content on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. They mentioned that they had seen people delete photos off of their Instagram accounts if they did not get a good reception from those that were […]

My Expectations For #IS6621

     For the past 8+ years, social media has been a huge part of my life – primarily in a personal way, but also elsewhere. From my first days using AIM instant messenger to communicate with my elementary school friends to watching my entire friend group transfer from MySpace to Facebook to creating social […]

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