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A Digital Letter To Myself

Dear Sandara of the future, 2016 is coming to a close and such is your time in Professor Kane’s social media class. Whether you are reading this one year or one decade from now, I hope you remember how truly strange this year has been. I can assume that it has only gotten stranger since. How’s the […]

Facebook’s Foray (Back) Into China

Facebook and China certainly have an interesting relationship. After releasing a Chinese-language version of the platform in 2008, Facebook was banned by the Chinese government the very next year — in large part due to its role as a communication tool for anti-government protests. In its’ absence, homegrown platforms like Sina Weibo and WeChat have […]

Brands, Politics & Twitter

As election day looms closer and closer, social media managers across the country are hard at work, carefully strategizing and brainstorming new ways to position their brands into the bloody battleground that is our 2016 presidential election. Though it is a difficult area to navigate, the U.S. presidential election has dominated national discussion and interest, and […]

Gupta Media & The Music Industry

Background: The ever-evolving digital landscape has drastically changed how we consume music and how we interact with our favorite artists and musicians. Music is more accessible than ever with the advent of streaming and platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud. Similarly, the barriers between an artist and their fans continue to collapse as social media platforms […]

I’m Making Ugly Faces, Snapchat is Making Money

Snapchat, (or should I say Snap Inc.?) is currently in the midst of preparing for an initial public offering which is projected to be at a valuation of $25 billion or more. In context, that’s larger than both Twitter’s and Facebook’s initial IPOs from a few years back. Ironically, there is good money to be […]

The Perfect Recipe For Success

Food is universal. We all love food, and it if looks good, even better. In some sense, food isn’t just food, it can be culture, traditions, fond memories, a reason to gather with friends, family, and loved ones. We all eat to live, but the thinking seems to have shifted to “living to eat.” Though many […]

Initial Thoughts on Social Media

Background Where does one even begin when describing their personal experience with social media? Do I start with my decked out custom layout Myspace profile, my too embarrassing to reveal AIM screen name, the angsty Facebook statuses of a young high school freshman boy? The cringeworthy evidence still exists, aimlessly floating somewhere among the interwebs. As […]

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