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Avoiding Jaws: AI in Shark Detection

In case you wanted to hear even more about sharks than you got to hear in my presentation last week, I am going to use this blog post to dive a little deeper (no pun intended) into the use of technology, specifically Artificial Intelligence, used in shark detection.  To start off, I’ll give a brief […]

Apple TV+…Will Oprah be Enough?

Earlier last month, Apple began to set its sights on the next decade, beginning major efforts to diversify and shift away from being an iPhone driven company largely though leadership shakeups. And earlier this morning, that shift continued. In its most evident attempt to brand itself as a service company yet, Apple unveiled several new […]

Profiling: The Good, The Bad, and the Horribly Concerning

I’m a finance major, so I’ve taken a lot of business courses during my time at BC. Coupled with the business core, the liberal arts core, and going abroad for a semester, I’ve never really had much room in my schedule to take a random, interesting class that had nothing to do with my major […]

Beer, Cars, and Dogs: Memorable Super Bowl LIII Ads

Whoever you were rooting for yesterday, I think we can all agree that, with some mild exceptions, that game didn’t incite too much overall excitement. Don’t get me wrong, I was as excited as any MA native to see Tom win his first ring for his second hand at the end. But by the time […]

First Impressions…

For weeks now, the beginning of my morning routine has consisted of me waking up, turning off my alarm (and perhaps hitting snooze one-five times), finally turning the alarm off, and then studiously ignoring the notification that informs me each morning that my “iPhone storage is full-you can manage your storage in settings”. Today, however, […]